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If you are applying for the EdChoice Voucher, enrollment in Dayton Public Schools is no longer required. Please contact your private school to complete the voucher process. Thank You!​

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The Student Enrollment Center is a one-stop shop to register your child at a DPS school of choice, in grades preschool through 12. Here is some general information that parents and guardians often want to know:




Transfers between DPS schools are ONLY accepted once a school year. Parents may fill out a transfer request and submit it to the Student Enrollment Center February 1st - March 31st. All transfer requests submitted will be processed for the upcoming school year. If we are able to process the request, you will receive a confirmation letter.


Those currently attending a DPS school must go to that building to officially withdraw a student. EdChoice voucher recipients who have not attended a DPS school can come to the Student Enrollment Center to withdraw.

Transcripts, Diplomas and Records

Info on obtaining a transcript or duplicate diploma here.
PLEASE NOTE: This process will not be completed until you have submitted payment.


A student in grades K-8 automatically receives transportation, provided that student meets one or more of these criteria:

  • Lives more than 1.5 miles from his/her school, OR

  • Has a route to school affected by one of four hazards (river, active railroad tracks, bridge with no sidewalks, and major highways), OR

  • Has an IEP that mandates transportation

A transportation request for a non-DPS student may be made through the school he/she attends. In order to update or delete a child care provider, parents must complete and submit this form to the child's school.


DPS Transportation Department
Phone (937) 542-4010  |  Fax (937) 542-4025 

Special Needs

Preschool-age students are referred by the Help Me Grow program, parents, or other agencies for special needs assessment. This assessment determines if the student requires an IEP (individualized education plan).

The DPS Office for Exceptional Children registers new K-12 students with existing IEPs through the Student Assignment Office.


Transfer students are reminded to please bring a hard copy of your transcript (high school), evaluations, and existing Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and/or Evaluation Team Report (ETR) when registering with DPS, to ensure proper placement.


Office for Exceptional Children

Phone (937) 542-3353  |   Fax 542-3215


Make the Grade

Student grades through the DPS Home Access Center. more

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