Positive School Climate

Framework for Learning

Positive behavioral support offers a framework for providing social skills instruction. It is a three-tiered system of universal, secondary, and tertiary behavioral interventions. In Dayton Public Schools, this system is referred to as Positive School Climate, or PSC.

First, staff members establish three to five expectations for student behavior in all school settings. Many schools have chosen to use the expectations established by the district: “Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe”. This helps to establish a common behavioral language for all students and staff to use. Schools implementing PSC must establish a team of faculty members as well as other interested parties in order to monitor the implementation process.

The first or universal tier of supports is intended to provide general guidelines for student behavior. Staff members teach and reinforce the expectations for all students in every setting within the school. Students are rewarded for exhibiting appropriate behavior, and corrected when inappropriate behavior is shown. This level of support may be sufficient to address the needs of 80% of the student body.

The secondary tier provides additional interventions such as small-group support for students not experiencing behavioral success at the universal level. Tertiary support provides more personalized interventions for students needing intensive levels of behavioral support such as, mental health services. Effective implementation of PSC ensures that students will receive consistent teaching as well as reinforcement of expected school behaviors.

Data based decision making is an integral part of PSC. Discipline data is reviewed at least monthly in order to monitor any behavioral trends. These trends would include an examination of who, what, why, when and where inappropriate behaviors are occurring.

The PSC team can then make recommendations for behavioral interventions, based upon the data. When properly implemented, PSC offers a research based, holistic approach for providing behavioral support to students.


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