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How do you contain thousands of success stories, a tidal wave of good news, in a 60-minute newscast or daily edition of the newspaper?

You can't. That's why sometimes it may seem like there's never any "good news" coming from our schools and our district. The reality is exactly the opposite: Every day, DPS students and staff are learning, teaching, creating, mentoring, and proving their worth, both in and outside the classroom.

Our mission is to share as many of these stories as possible with you. We hope you will learn something new about our district, and share these successes with your friends, family, coworkers and others.

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Thurgood Marshall stem high school naacp chapter anniversary

Photo from left: Members of the Thurgood Marshall STEM High School NAACP Chapter. Front from left: Teliea Gomez, Shemaya Wingard. Back from left: Stariona Brown, Thyiel Caldwell, Briana Thomas, Dariana Tolliver, Lt. Col. Claudia Mason. (Photo/Jill Drury)

The Move Foward Thurgood Marshall STEM High School chapter of the NAACP recently celebrated its first anniversary. As a result, nearly 30 students, including Dariana, are experiencing the world in a whole new light. More...


Photo from left: Linda McDole accepts holiday donations from Jasmine, Odell Howell, and Tim Howell, at Meadowdale PreK-6 School. (Photo/Jill Drury)

The need in our community seems to sting a bit more than usual during the holidays, but it allows us to take inventory of what matters most. While there are people in need year-round, it sometimes takes the holiday spirit to spring us into action. Meadowdale PreK-6 School nurse, Linda McDole, sees that need every day as students visit her clinic. More...


Photo: Sgt. Naysheelia Mitchell surprises her daughters, Toni and Danyelle, after returning home early from a tour of duty in Korea. (DPS Photo/Jill Moberley)

 The day began like any other. Toni and Danyelle Gaddis jumped out of bed, donned their school uniforms, and with a little nudge from dad, were off to class at Valerie PreK-6 School. Read More...

Horace Mann goodwill ambassadors

Photo: Horace Mann goodwill ambassadors (from left), Heather Muller, Danni Miller and Amanda Myer, send children home on a positive note. (DPS Photo/Jill Drury)

Fifteen minutes is not a long time. But at Horace Mann PreK-6, it is the perfect amount of time for three school interpreters to make everyone’s day a little brighter. Amanda Myer, Heather Muller and Danni Miller take it upon themselves several days a week to welcome students in the morning or send them home in the afternoon with a wave and a smile. Read More...


Photo: De'Anna Williams visits Lisa Montgomery, MSN,RN in the clinic at Louise Troy PreK-4 School (DPS Photo/Jill Drury)

De’Anna Williams is a fourth grader full of energy and dreams for the future. For years, her asthma slowed her down and stole away precious hours in the classroom. Thanks to her resilience, her parents’ dedication and a new asthma management program at the Dayton Public Schools, De’Anna is thriving. Read More...


Photo: Jul’Bria Harrison is a fourth grader at World of Wonder PreK-8 School. She is assisted by her gifted intervention specialist, Amy Andrews. (DPS Photo/Jill Drury)

Jul’Bria Harrison is a fourth grader on a mission. She is planning a dream trip to Washington, D.C. While it may sound like a project for her parents, the planning is entirely up to her. Why? Jul’Bria is served by the Dayton Public Schools Office of Gifted Services. Read more...


Officer Zach Hastings

Dayton police officer Zach Hasting sits down to lunch with Belmont High School students (from left) Seth Burdette, Kenyon Evans and Billy Veal (Photo/Jennifer Bryant)

Our daily encounters shape us as individuals. Dayton police officer Zach Hastings’ philosophy is to take a troubling encounter and turn it into something good. That mindset is molding students’ lives at Belmont High School, where you can find Officer Hastings every week having lunch with them.  Read more...

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