Family Engagement & Community Outreach


The Office of Student Activities, Parent Engagement, and Community Outreach is dedicated to the education, enrichment, and inclusion of all students and families that Dayton Public Schools serve. DPS would not be able to achieve higher graduation rates, academic gains, or offer programs that inspire students beyond the classroom without the involvement of the community and business partners.

After School Programming with Community Partners/Neighborhood School Centers

Community partnerships provide an invaluable benefit to the students of Dayton Public Schools by offering access to after-school programs and clubs, family engagement nights, and summer camps outside of the school year. Many schools offer separate after-school clubs such as robotics, gardening, science, and Girls on the Run.  These clubs are hosted by dedicated and committed staff to allow DPS students a structured outlet to pursue their passions. Access to partners from business, civic, social, philanthropic, and educational organizations as well as dedicated DPS staff members, many serving as after-school club advisors, provide opportunities for students on an annual basis.

Parent/Teacher Organizations

Dayton Public School District is proud to make an intentional commitment to foster a collaborative culture for family engagement and building mutual trust through two-way communication and meaningful relationship-building. DPS believes one of the best avenues to accomplish family engagement is through the presence of parent-teacher organizations (PTO’s) in every building across the district. DPS recognizes that school leaders and teachers are the experts when it comes to the education of students; however, as it relates to expertise regarding a child's unique capabilities and talents, the parent is the true expert. PTO’s allow parents, caregivers, and families to partner with each school to achieve a goal of inclusion for all through direct communication that will enable parents, teachers, and principals to best establish a model of success for each student’s future. 

Community Outreach

DPS is proud to continue to offer several avenues to partner with the members of the community. Community outreach efforts include: participation in the community MLK Day of Service by hosting donation drives to benefit students served by the McKinney-Vento Program, hosting a community wide family math literacy night to commemorate “Pi Day”, hosting free financial literacy workshops, and parenting classes.



The Dayton Public Schools Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the district’s mission of educating its students with fidelity. It works to provide a richer education for DPS students through community contributions of time and monetary donations. The foundation is dedicated to making sure every DPS student is prepared for success in life.

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There is no more important work than our dedication to education and the children we serve. We would not be able to achieve higher graduation rates, academic gains, or offer programs that enrich our students beyond the classroom without the involvement of our families and the support of our community partners.

Dayton Public Schools is fortunate to have the support of a host of partners, from business, civic, social, philanthropic and education organizations that help provide opportunities for more than 13,000 students on an annual basis. Whether on a district, school or student-level basis, community involvement is essential to our district’s continuing improvement.