Building/Facility Rental

Building/Facility Rental Information

Dayton Public Schools’ facilities are available for community use. Buildings and grounds may be rented outside of school hours and on weekends. 

Please read through the information below before submitting a rental application. Tiffany Powell, Director of Operations, will contact all applicants about their requests.

  • All new renters must create a new account.  Previous renters can log in as normal.
  • Renters who are required to provide insurance must have Dayton Public Schools (136 S. Ludlow St., Dayton OH 45402) listed as the Certificate Holder on the Certificate of Liability Coverage.  Coverage must be provided BEFORE a request can be made. Certain groups do not have the same insurance requirements; please contact Tiffany Powell for more information if the organization is categorized in Group 1 (a & b) per Board Policy (more information provided below).
  • Requests must be made a minimum of 30 days in advance.
  • All school events take priority over applicant requests.
  • No rentals for personal use or family affairs are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, funeral repasses, family reunions, etc.  
  • Clean up for all rentals of practice fields, tracks, parking lots, and vacant lots are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Absolutely no tape or adhesive of any kind may be used on gym floors.
  • Click the button below to begin the rental application.
Building/Facility Rental Application

Fees & Payment

Fees may be charged based on the type of organization requesting the rental, type of space requested, and the anticipated cost for DPS employees to be on-site during the rental. Custodians may also be required for event set up and clean up. If kitchen equipment will be used, Nutrition Services employees may also be needed.

Payments for renting facilities must be made in person at the Central Office. Money orders, cashier’s checks, or company checks are accepted. 

To view the current fee schedule, and to calculate the estimated fees for an event, please click here.

Board Policy & Additional Information

View Board Policy KG-R for more information about the use of DPS buildings. 

Information about groups that are permitted to use DPS buildings/facilities is available below.

Group 1 (A & B):

(A) DPS School functions.  Curricular and co-curricular functions that are either related to the curriculum or directly sponsored by the District. The exclusive purpose of these groups is to support the programs of the District. No deposit is required for Group 1(a) and there are no charges for Group l(a).

(B) School Support Organizations. Organizations sanctioned by the Board whose exclusive purpose is to support the programs of the District (e.g., PTO, CEC, Booster Clubs, OHSAA, Alumni Associations, City of Dayton, NAACP, YMCA, Montgomery County Neighborhood groups, etc.) and local Universities.  There is no deposit required for Group 1(b). These groups shall pay for any required school support staff, i.e. custodian, SRO, etc. who are required to work outside of their normal workday.

Group 2:

Community groups serving school-age children of the District. This includes groups that serve school-age children from the District (e.g., scouts, church youth groups, youth athletic clubs, CityWide, sororities/fraternities, etc.) and organizations whose primary purpose is to serve the community, when a worthwhile educational, civic, or charitable purpose is served (e.g. churches, service clubs, theater groups, etc.). These groups shall pay a deposit and pay for any required school support staff, i.e., custodian, SRO, etc. who is required to work outside of their normal workday. These groups shall provide proof of insurance.

Note: To qualify for Group 2 consideration, the renter may not charge admission to the event for which that consideration is requested, plus the renter must request and receive approval to be included in Group 2 from the school Building Administrator.

Group 3:

Approved money-raising activities. The proceeds thereof are used for District purposes or for an approved charitable S01(c)(3), education, character-building, or other community welfare purposes; (e.g., adult athletic groups, athletic groups hosting games, non-DPS athletic groups, etc.) and any other administration approved activities that do not fall under Groups 1or 2. These groups shall submit a deposit, pay the rental fee according to the District fee schedule, and pay the fees for any required school support staff who must work after their normal workday. Further, these groups must submit a background check and proof of insurance.



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