Media, Legal and Public Records Requests


Requests must be made in writing and should state that the information is being sought under Ohio Public Records Act. Please provide a brief description of the public records being requested and be as specific as possible.

To make a public records request, please email Alex Kincaid at

Requests sent through the mail should be mailed to:

Public Information Office
Dayton Public Schools
136 S. Ludlow St.
Dayton, OH 45402


Thank you for your interest in reporting news about Dayton Public Schools. There are many great things happening in DPS every day, and the district is happy to assist you in telling these stories.

DPS understands that media personnel operate under deadlines, and strives to meet the needs of reporters in a timely manner. All members of the media are asked to be cognizant of and follow DPS guidelines so as to not interfere with the educational process or day-to-day district business.


All subpoenas are handled through the District's legal department. Please send any legal subpoenas to the following information:

Barbara Stahl, Law Clerk

136 S. Ludlow St.
Dayton OH 45402
Tel. (937) 542-3050
Fax (937) 542-3151

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