Student Privacy


Federal and Ohio laws prohibit Dayton Public Schools from publicly releasing information about students, except for designated Directory Information.

Read more about the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The District proposes to designate the following personally identifiable information contained in a student’s education records as “Directory Information.”

  1. student’s name
  2. student’s address
  3. telephone number(s)
  4. student’s date and place of birth
  5. participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  6. student’s achievement awards or honors
  7. student’s weight and height, if a member of an athletic team
  8. major field of study
  9. dates of attendance (“from and to” dates of enrollment)
  10. date of graduation

The above information is disclosed without prior written consent. Disclosures may be made in accordance with the exceptions outlined in the policy or as otherwise required by law.

Administrative regulations set forth a procedure for annual notification to parents and eligible students of the District’s definition of directory information.  Parents or eligible students then have two weeks in which to advise the District in writing, in accordance with such regulations, of any or all items which they refuse to permit as directory information about that student.

To carry out their responsibilities, school officials have access to student education records for legitimate educational purposes.  The District uses the criteria set forth under administrative regulations to determine who are “school officials” and what constitutes “legitimate educational interests.”

Other than requests as described above, school officials release information from, or permit access to, a student’s education records only with the prior written consent of a parent or eligible student, except that the Superintendent or a person designated in writing by the Superintendent may permit disclosure in certain limited circumstances outlined under administrative regulations.

The District maintains, in accordance with administrative regulations, an accurate record of all requests to disclose information from, or to permit access to, a student’s education records and of information disclosed and access permitted.

Complete Student Records Policy: