Grades 9 - 12

Meadowdale Career Technology Center

  • 3873 Whitestone Court Dayton, OH 45416
  • OFFICE: 937.542.7030
  • FAX: 937.542.7031


Eddie Davis

Mighty Meadowdale Lions! The school that proudly bears the black and gold! As the principal of Meadowdale Career Technology Center, I extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you. It is with great pleasure to be a part of a village that embraces challenges, celebrates achievements, and creates lasting memories.

Our dedicated team of educators and staff is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and stimulating learning environment where every student can thrive. We are here to support you in your educational journey by helping you develop essential skills, knowledge, and character traits that will prepare you for the future.

As we embark on this new academic year, let us remember that success is not solely measured by grades or accomplishments, but by the personal growth and positive impact we have on others. Let us embody the values of respect, empathy, and perseverance, as we strive to make a difference in our school and beyond.

We believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and fostering a strong sense of community. Together, let us make this year one of growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences.

Go Mighty Lions

#Restoretheroar #Bethechange #Black&Goldmovement

Eddie Davis, Principal

Monica Naas

Asst. Principal
(937) 542-7112

Indie Thompson

Asst. Principal
(937) 542-7061

La'Donna Jones

(937) 542-7094

Tana Folley

Data Clerk
(937) 542-7055

Carmen Johnson

Attendance Clerk
(937) 542-7053

Request for Student Records

Requests for current or former student records, such as transcripts or duplicate diplomas, must be requested online here.



    8:00 am - 3:00 pm
    (Bus drop off 7:45 AM)

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    Uniform Store

    9th Grade: Black Polo/Tops, Khaki or Black Bottoms

    10th-12th Grade: Pathway-specific uniform tops with khaki or black pants

    With the exception of Biomedical Science and Pre-Nursing who wear scrubs and scrub jackets.

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