Grades 7 - 12

Belmont High School

  • 2615 Wayne Avenue Dayton, OH 45420
  • OFFICE: 937.542.6460
  • FAX: 937.542.6461


At Belmont, we are honored to provide each child with the opportunity to excel and achieve in all of life’s arenas. We continue to foster a culture where EVERYONE is seen as an individual. We believe that one’s uniqueness is a gift that is to be treasured.

As the most diverse high school in the Dayton area, we consider it a privilege to have students from 25 countries. Through cultural collaboration, Belmont has become a place where ALL students can learn from one another.

We work to customize and target instruction to meet the needs of all Bison, traditional and non-traditional learners.

Karen Spaulding-Chicketti
Christopher Ross
Karen Spaulding-Chicketti

High School Principal
(937) 542-6460

Dionne McDole

Middle School Principal
(937) 542-6460

Christopher Ross

Asst. Principal
(937) 542-6489 

Monique Blackmon

Asst. Principal
(937) 542-6559

Ava Frazee

(937) 542-6460

Sudie Beasley-Nerderman

Data Tech

Tequina Clark

Attendance/Records Clerk

Request for Student Records

Requests for current or former student records, such as transcripts or duplicate diplomas, must be requested online here.


If you registered your student on the bus rider registration form last week (8/7-8/11) and have NOT received bussing information, you should still bring your student to school on Monday and Tuesday. It takes 3-5 days for transportation to process the bus rider registration form.
If you have not registered your child for bussing, you can do so here  Transportation Registration
If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Transportation at 937-542-4010.