Career-Technical Programs

Each year, the Dayton Public Schools offers career- technical education programs at Meadowdale CTC, Ponitz CTC, and Stivers School for the Arts. These programs are designed to prepare youth for a broad range of employment and training services and are offered under the guidance of certified teachers, counselors and cooperative education coordinators. See below for a list of programs offered this year. There are no criteria for admission. For general information about these programs, contact: • Dr. Michelle Rammel (Director of Career-Technical Education,, 937-542-3534) Inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies should be directed to: • David Harmon (Title IX Coordinator Chief of HR,, 937-542-3150) • Donna Dixon (504 Coordinator Stivers School for the Arts,, 937-542-3139) • Kevin Kuehner (504 Coordinator Ponitz CTC,, 937-542-7224) / Robin Fast (504 Coordinator Ponitz CTC,, 937-542-7180) • Indie Thompson (504 Coordinator Stivers,, 937-542-7030) This notice is available in other languages upon request.


The CTE application opens on November 28, 2022. Information about the 2023-2024 CTE programs can be found below.

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Interested in a tour? Please contact Dr. Michelle Rammel at to tour Meadowdale CTC and Matthew Folkerth at to tour Ponitz CTC. Tuesday and Thursday afternoon tours are available by appointment only.


  • Engineering Design
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Medical Detectives



  • Engage in compelling, hands-on activities and work together to find solutions to real-world problems. Use scientific inquiry in areas of microbiology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, medical interests, immunology, and bioethics. Sharpen lab skills such as micopipetting, aseptic technique, molecular biology techniques, inoculating and streaking agar plates, checking vital signs.
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      • Students will learn how to move products from the manufacturer to the customer. Students will learn how technology is used to monitor the product through the various supply and transportation systems as well as how to improve the systems used to move products to consumers in a cost effective and efficient manner.
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        • Identify and protect internet-connected systems from cyber attacks. Build and support networks. Connect users’ devices to each other and the internet.
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        • Explore the applications behind the creation of today’s hottest design trends. Get hands-on experience with digital photography using state-of-the-art tools. Learn how to design and develop modern websitesfor mobile and desktop platforms.
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        • Explore a wide range of exercise science, fitness and physical therapy careers. Learn to prevent and treat injuries using techniques based on the principles of anatomy and physiology. Exercise science professionals are needed to address the general wellness needs of the public.
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        • Obtain a working knowledge of computer concepts, including computer hardware and software. Learn to install, repair, and troubleshoot computer hardware systems. Perform preventative maintenance practices. Install, configure, and troubleshoot network hardware and peripherals.


        • Develop skills to care for patients who are ill, injured, or disabled. Prepare for a career working in hospitals or nursing homes under the direction of nurses and doctors. Explore a range of medical careers through practical lab experiences, clinicals, and related coursework. Develop a professional work ethic and communication and patient care skills.
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        • Learn the basics of building simple interactive applications. Prepare to design and program games using commercial and open source programs and applications. Learn industry standard programming language constructs to write programs that integrate classes, class methods, and class instances. Learn input method handling, animation, collision detection, and game physics.
        • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


        • Invent, design and manufacture the tools and components for a wide range or production needs. Use advanced computer-controlled technology to create steel, aluminum and plastic components. Work daily with the same equipment and techniques as industry leaders.
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        • Explore the field of education and related career options in the urban setting. Receive an in-depth view of the teaching profession through project-based experiences and culturally relevant teaching.
        • Curriculum Plan | Program Information

        PONITZ CTC


        • Develop skills to care for patients who are ill, injured, or disabled. Prepare for a career working in hospitals or nursing homes under the direction of nurses and doctors. Explore a range of medical careers through practical lab experiences, clinicals, and related coursework. Develop a professional work ethic and communication and patient care skills.
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        • Diagnose, service and repair a wide range of vehicles. Use advanced diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and repair complex automotive systems all while learning customer service skills.
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        • Discover how living organisms like cells, plants, and animals can be used to solve real life problems related to crime, hunger, the environment, nutrition, and health. Use scientific inquiry in areas of pharmacy, water quality, forensics, biomedical, botany, research, food science, and microbiology. Sharpen lab skills such as micropipetting, aseptic technique, pouring, inoculating and streaking agar plates.
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        • Gain a basic understanding of the business world, including economics, owning and operating a business, globalization, marketing, and personal finance planning. Learn and apply essential business technology and software to earn Microsoft Office Specialist certifications. Expand career awareness and related skills to make career choices and become employable in a variety of business careers. Design and implement powerful marketing and management plans to solve real-world business challenges.
        • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


        • Learn the fundamentals of carpentry, including framing, installation of windows and doors, stairs, and roofing. Students will also learn computer aided design and develop skills in remodeling and renovation.
        • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


        • This program is designed in accordance with the State Board of Cosmetology. The student must complete 1500 hours in-school training to become eligible to take the State Licensing Examination.
        • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


        • Students will engage in hands-on experiences in the criminal justice field. Students will obtain proficiency in handcuffing techniques, weapon retention, and vehicle extractions, as well as the use of force continuum.
        • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


        • Create professional foods, cakes, and pastries with an artistic presentation. Plan, prepare, and serve meals for casual dining and upscale events. Be a key part of the team that develops complete meals and unique dining experiences.
        • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


          • Develop the necessary skills to assist dentists and hygienists with patient care, office tasks, and lab duties. Learn patient’s oral health education, mixing dental materials, exposing, developing and mounting oral x-rays, infection control, sterilization and chairside assisting for operative and emergency dentistry. Learn general office procedures, patient record keeping, and dental charting
          • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


          • Prepares students to be innovative and productive leaders using engineering principles, mathematics, and critical thinking skills. Students are exposed to the engineering pathways and learn the skills of a high demand of the global economy
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          • Explore all aspects of the graphic communications industry. Develop skills in computer design, photography, screen printing, and printing digital and large-format operations.
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          MEDIA ARTS

          • Students learn the fundamentals of broadcasting production in audio, video, and marketing while using a fully equipped television studio, video edit lab, FM studio, and audio production booths. The program is designed to build skills so students can independently produce video and audio pieces for broadcast. Students will push their creative potential and explore the world through the eyes of media.
          • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


          • Explore a wide range of pharmaceutical principles, career concepts, and skills needed to become a pharmacy technician. Students will learn how to read, interpret, and dispense prescriptions. They will learn how medications are classified and administered. Students will study the impact of drugs on different systems of the body, interaction of drugs, side effects and effectiveness in relation to dosages.



          • Students will learn pre-production, production, and post-production of varied genres of short films. Students will learn professional level editing, special effects software, and HD camera operation.
          • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


          • Learn the latest technology and gain an understanding of fine art and studio photography. Gain a solid foundation in the conceptual, technical, and studio coursework. Learn the foundations of traditional darkroom and digital photography, printing, studio lighting, Adobe Creative Suite photo software, and web-based applications.
          • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


          • This program covers instruction in designing and producing technical elements for the performing arts disciplines. These studies prepare students for a wide variety of jobs, including: working on Broadway productions, working in film and television art departments, managing large scale events, and concert touring
          • Curriculum Plan | Program Information


          In compliance with the United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Guidelines for Eliminating Discrimination in Vocational Programs, 34 C. F. R. Part 100, App B, IV (O), all career and technical education opportunities of the Dayton Public Schools system are, and will be offered, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

          Notification of this compliance is included in, but not necessarily limited to, applications for employment, official postings of certified openings (newspaper), employee handbook, as well as posting on the district website, and at the district office and the middle and secondary schools.

          The lack of English language skills is not, and will not be, a barrier to admission and participation in career and technical education programs. This notice shall be disseminated, as needed, to individuals in their native language if the individuals have limited English language skills.