Assessment & Accountability


136 South Ludlow Street
Dayton, OH 45402
Tel. (937) 542-3000, option 9


The Office of Assessment, Accountability, and Research oversees the administration of district and state, and national tests; conducts program evaluations, surveys, and other research-related activities; manages data related to local, state, and federal accountability standards (as seen in the Balanced Scorecard); transmits data to the U.S. Department of Education (ODE) through the Education Management Information System (EMIS), and fills data and information requests from internal and external clients. Additionally, the Accountability Department encourages and trains staff in using data to make informed decisions.

Through the contributions and support of all members of the department, we seek to support the district through the following roles:


  • Implement state-mandated testing programs in compliance with regulations.
  • Facilitate local testing programs that assess student learning.
  • Obtain information about student progress relative to national performance levels.
  • Evaluate programs implemented in the district, with priority given to school board initiatives.


  • Develop and/or review questionnaires and surveys. Provide research consultation.
  • If you wish to conduct research with DPS staff or students, please complete this form and email it/mail it to the parties listed in the instructions.


  • Extract information from numerous sources of data with regard to assessments, research, and planning.
  • Organize and present data in support of program evaluations and assessments.