Work Permit Information


Children under the age of 18 can obtain a work permit in the state of Ohio. There are two steps to completing a work permit: the pre-application and the physician’s certificate. 

  1. Students must first complete the pre-application. There are portions for the student, parent/guardian, school, and employer to complete. 
    1. The employer must provide a federal ID number and the number of hours to be worked in order for the application to be processed. 
  2. Students must then have a physician complete the physician’s form certifying that the student is physically able to perform the work. 
    1. If a student is an athlete and has a current physical on file with the district, this can be used in lieu of having a physician complete a form. 
  3. The student must then take both completed forms to the school. The school will then provide an Age and Schooling Certificate. 
    1. It will typically take 24 hours for the school to generate this certificate. 
  4. The student must then bring the Age and Schooling Certificate to their employer and are now eligible to begin working. 

Please note that work permits are non-transferable. If a student changes jobs, a new application must be completed. 

YouthWorks provides jobs to students in Montgomery County. For more information, please click here. YouthWorks will complete the employer section of a work permit application, and also provides bus passes to allow students to get to and from their place of employment.