Student Attendance


DPS Administration Building
136 S. Ludlow St.
Dayton, OH,  45402
(937) 542-3324

Tobette Brown, Truancy Coordinator, (937) 542-3320
Rebekka Rodgers (MSW/LISW), Social Worker & Student Services Advisor, (937) 542-3048

The Student Services / Truancy Department staff work with students, families, and school personnel to improve student attendance. Staff members also provide assistance for families with any challenges that prevent their children from attending school on a regular basis.

Student Services also collaborates with other community agencies when intervention is needed, and assists school staff in developing attendance intervention plans. Partner agencies may include Montgomery County Children’s Services and the Montgomery County Juvenile Court to prevent and reduce student absenteeism.

Be Present for a Better Future Attendance Campaign

The Be Present for a Better Future attendance campaign was launched to address one of the most significant barriers to student achievement: chronic absenteeism. When students miss just 10 percent of the school year, or only a few days per month, they significantly decrease their reading and math ability, and their GPA, test scores and the likelihood of graduating high school go down. 

Our campaign emphasizes the importance of being in school on time every day. Students with good and improved attendance are even acknowledged and rewarded for their good work.

BePresent Days are days that we ask all students to be in school on time. On these days, students are often surprised with rewards just for being present. Use #DPSBePresent to spread the word!

Definitions and Policies

It is important to use common language and definitions when developing student support strategies to reduce chronic absenteeism. Below are several definitions Ohio uses to describe student attendance and student supports as defined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Ohio Revised Code, and Ohio Administrative Code.