Our Departments



Every great team needs a thorough support crew, working behind the scenes to provide services and programs in order to ensure success. Dayton Public Schools departments act as that supplemental arm, providing educational, administrative and operational support to district schools. The district's administration building is located at 115 S. Ludlow St. in downtown Dayton, near the corner of Fifth and Ludlow streets. Free parking is located behind the building for visitors.


We encourage you to visit the individual departments listed within this menu, for specific contact information and details about each area's functions. In addition, some departments have extra pages for individual programs and resources within their areas. A list of services with department contacts can be found under "Whom to Call". You can also contact us here. Can't find who you're looking for? The district's main phone number is (937) 542-3000.

Accounts Payable542-3157542-3156
Accounts Receivable542-3067542-3061
Adult Handicapped Program542-7054542-7031
Athletic Office542-4070542-4071
Audiology Services542-3440542-3214
Auxiliary Services542-3249542-3201
Budget Department542-3199542-3061
Career Tech542-7291542-7181
Central Records542-5555542-3202
Certified Personnel (Teachers, Administrators)542-3135542-3128
Challenger Learning Center542-6143542-6195
Classified Personnel (Clerical, Custodial, Paraprofessionals)542-3040542-3128
Curriculum and Instruction (Teaching and Learning)542-3530542-3555
District Testing542-3001542-3225
Duplicating Services542-3362542-3224
Early Childhood Education (Title I)542-3325542-3217
Employee Benefits542-3126542-3128
Employee Development542-3535542-3531
English as a Second Language (ESL)542-3344542-7351
Facilities Management542-3701542-3781
Fiscal Services542-3560542-3590
G.E.D. Classes (Project READ)461-7323
Gifted Education542-3533542-3593
Grants Management542-3333542-3217
Health Services542-3405542-3391
Help Desk (Information Technology)542-3184542-3154
Home Instruction542-3396542-3215
Home Schooling542-5555542-3240
Homeless Education Program542-3304542-3391
Human Resources542-3126542-3128
Information Technology542-3161542-3190
Legal Affairs/Labor Relations542-3007542-3151
Library/Media and Educational Technology542-3531542-3190
Logistical Support Services542-3790542-3828
Mail Center542-3122542-3175
Nutrition Services542-3950542-3951
Office for Exceptional Children (special ed)542-3353542-3456
Public Information Office542-3058542-3155
Ohio State Young Scholars542-3237542-3480
Payroll Department542-3019542-3156
Psychological Services542-3409542-3391
Purchasing/Contract Administration542-3020542-3590
Reserve Teachers (Substitute Teachers)542-3126542-3128
Safety and Security542-7000542-7010
State and Federal Grants Management (Title I)542-3333542-3217
Student Enrollment542-5555542-3202
Student Services542-3324542-3225
Superintendent's Office542-3164542-3188
Truancy Center542-3324542-3225
WDPS FM/DPS TV542-7182 (request line 7189)542-6714
Work PermitsLocated at each high school
Worker's Compensation542-3133542-3590

Whether you're looking to register a student, find school records or transcripts, or inquire about transfers and withdrawals, our Student Enrollment Center is the hub for these activities and more. Contact the SEC at (937) 542-5555.