Weather Procedures


When deciding whether to close schools, factors that are taken into consideration include:

  • Amount and type of precipitation;
  • Weather forecasts (start and stop times);
  • Ability to clear parking lots and sidewalks around schools;
  • Street (highway, thoroughfare and residential), and bus stop conditions;
  • Freezing rain and the effect on roads, power lines and tree limbs;
  • Wind and wind chill; and,
  • Temperature

Members of the DPS weather team closely monitor local forecasts at the first announcement of a storm front. At all times the safety of students and staff is the basis for determining the cancellation of school.

The condition of all roads is also considered. There will be times when the regular buses cannot travel on all roads because of large accumulations of snow, or because of certain drifting patterns in some areas of the district. Main roads, over time, may be cleared after a morning snowfall, but our residential streets often remain hazardous beyond those early hours when buses deliver our children to school.

In most situations, the decision to close or delay schools will be made by 5:30 a.m. When schools are closed for the day, all extra-curricular activities and field trips are canceled. Decisions concerning athletic events will be made with input from the district athletic director.

School Closure Notifications

Notification of school closings because of inclement weather will be communicated through:

  • An automated phone call, text message and email to parents or guardians
  • A post on district social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • An alert on the DPS website

Closings are also communicated to the following TV stations:

  • WDTN Channel 2
  • WHIO Channel 7
  • WKEF Channel 22/Channel 45