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Purchasing and Contract Administration

115 S. Ludlow Street · Dayton, OH 45402
Phone: (937) 542-3560 · Fax: (937) 542-3590
Treasurer - Hiwot Abraha

Purchasing and Contract Administration services consist of identifying, qualifying and selecting vendors that will provide quality goods and services in a timely manner at a reasonable cost that meets the requirements of the district.

Services include, but are not limited to, determining customer requirements, developing, evaluating, and negotiating contracts, resolving delivery and invoice discrepancies, and processing purchase orders.

Purchasing Procedure Manual (PDF)

You may submit your questions by email to Director of Purchasing Terri L. Allen.

New vendors - Click here for the DPS registration process (including vendor registration form).

Bid forms:

EDBE/EDGE Participation Form

 RFP/RFB  Name of Bid Date Posted Last Updated Date Due
RFP 17-853 Archiving Solution 4/25/17 5/12/17 5/16/17
RFP 17-851 Summer School Programming (Grades K-8) 3/7/17 3/22/17 3/27/17
RFB 17-849 Paging and Wireless Communication Services 2/9/17 2/23/17 3/9/17
RFB 17-848 Telecommunications Services 2/8/17 2/23/17 3/9/17
RFQ 16-846Q  Comprehensive Marketing Services 1/2/17 1/18/17 1/20/17
RFP 16-847 Property & Liability Claims Third Party Administrator 9/2/16 10/11/16 10/17/16
RFP 16-845 Office and Classroom Supplies and Materials 8/26/16 9/22/16 9/16/16
RFP 16-844 Time Clock Management System 8/26/16 9/8/16 9/16/16
RFP 16-843 Third Party Administration Services/FMLA 8/12/16 8/12/16 8/31/16
RFP 16-846

Comprehensive Marketing Services

Note: After careful consideration, it is the determination of the Board of Education, not to accept proposals submitted for solicitation of RFP 16-846, Comprehensive Marketing Services. The District is currently evaluating the process and specifications.  A request for proposal will be advertised and posted at a later date. 

8/12/16 9/20/16 8/29/16
RFP 16-841 Orbital Scrubbing Machine 7/27/16 7/27/16


RFP 16-842 Compact Auto Scrubbers 7/27/16 8/9/16 8/11/16

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