Our Administration

From Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli

Welcome to the Dayton Public School District!

The Dayton Public School District is in a period of transition. "What are we transitioning to", you might ask. We are transitioning to excellence in all areas.

There are many areas in which DPS excels. The DPS preschool program is a 5-Star program as determined by the Ohio Department of Education. A number of schools have earned a state letter grade of “A” for the academic growth all students made in the building. In fact, two schools are Momentum Award winners for two consecutive years. The Career Technical programs partner closely with Sinclair College, which allows the students to earn either their career credentials or college credits that lead to or result in Associate Degrees. The district has a very strong Neighborhood Schools collaboration with a variety of community partners and the University of Dayton. Each building in the district is fully one-to-one with student technology. These are but a few of the things that DPS is proud to share.

The district is in the process of changing educational outcomes in every area of the system. Academic achievement is the focus of the district, however, several other areas are in need of improvement as well. The academic achievement is the first and foremost in the transition process. The district is working to change how instruction is delivered, how learning is monitored and how results are affected by the changes.

Additionally, student services including interventions, after school programming, summer school programs, enrichment offerings that include music, art and physical activities are being reviewed, refined, or created. 

Engagement of all of our stakeholders as well as partnership with our stakeholders must be strengthened and expanded. Communication and transparency is paramount to our success. As a community, we must work together for the students and young people we serve in the Dayton Public School District.

We look forward to positively changing the future of the students we serve. Your partnership and support are wanted and needed!


Hiwot Abraha,

Shelia Burton, Ph.D.
ssociate Superintendent, Operations & Student Services

Lynsa Davie,
Chief of Schools, Special Projects

Erin Dooley,
Chief of Schools Secondary


Wyetta Hayden,
Chief of Schools Elementary

Carolyn Mack,
Chief of Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development

Angela Nichols, Ph.D.
Chief of Office for Exceptional Children

Judith Spurlock,
Executive Director, Human Resources