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2023-2024 Fairview Handbook (Translatable)

Adrianna DaviesFairview Elementary News

FAIRVIEW Elementary School


Brooke Goodwine, Principal

Angela Shelton, Assistant Principal

2314 Elsmere Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45406

(937) 542-4590 (937) 542-4591 2 0 2 4

MISSION STATEMENT To equip our students to achieve success in a global society by implementing an effective and rigorous curriculum with fidelity. The premier Neighborhood School Center in Northwest Dayton where every scholar and their family thrives.

FAIRVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL VISION Fairview is a school that promotes equity, academic excellence, a collaborative culture, and community engagement.

FAIRVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MISSION Be respectful. Be responsible. Be safe and in control. …and have a Bulldog day!

THE FAIRVIEW WAY We are the Fairview Bulldogs! We exemplify the “Fairview Way.” We are respectful. We are responsible. We are safe and in-control. We are the Fairview Bulldogs and our paw prints lead the way!


TABLE OF CONTENTS Car Riders Afternoon Pick-Up Walkers Bus Procedures Student Responsibilities Tardy Policy Early Dismissal Policy Inclement Weather Policy Updating Contact Information Withdraw from School Students Attendance Chronic Absenteeism Leaving School Premises Progress Reports & Parent Conferences Make-Up Work Homework Calendars & Schedules Neighborhood Site Center Student Arrival & Dismissals Operational Policies Attendance Policies Requirements Academic Polices Report Cards The Student Code of Conduct Common Area Conduct Restroom Expectations Detention Unauthorized Personal Items Tobacco, Drugs, & Paraphernalia Behavior Matrix Immunizations Student Health & Safety Guidelines School-Based Screenings Management of Chronic/ Life-Threatening Administration of Medications Illness at School Injury at School Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting School Uniform Guide Purpose of Technology Acceptable Use Policies Cell Phone Policies COPPA Accessing Technology at Home Positive School Climate Student Health & Safety Uniform Policy Technology

NEIGHBORHOOD SITE CENTER Fairview is a Neighborhood School Center (NSC) within Dayton Public Schools. All NSCs have a full time Family Resource Coordinator on staff to support students and families. The FRC is a relationship builder who forges partnerships that align community resources to benefit the school, students, families, and the neighborhood. The FRC builds relationships with many people within and outside of the school. The Family Resource Coordinator is employed by the Omega Community Development Corporation to work closely with the building principal. The FRC engages faculty, staff, students, and families. Reaching out to the community, the FRC is the liaison for neighborhood residents, associations, nonprofits, businesses, religious organizations, and other potential partners. The FRC can provide a wide range of support to students and families. This support includes but is not limited to providing clothing/hygiene items, school supplies, referrals for mental health services, housing assistance, parenting support, and employment services. The FRC will also support the school in engaging parents for family nights, parent teachers conferences, and parent teacher organization, etc. Fairview’s FRC: Mrs. Tanae Waites

STUDENT ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL: Call your child’s teacher or the Fairview office at least 24 hours in advance to alert staff of the changes to the current way that your child goes home. In emergency situations, changes to your child’s dismissal plan may be made the day of, but it will help the staff to know about the changes as soon as possible. Changes to a child/s dismissal plan must be communicated to the teacher/school by the parent/legal guardian only. All students will walk through a metal detector, check-in their personal electronics, pick-up their breakfast items in the main atrium, and continue to their classrooms. Students should not be outside of your vehicle prior to 6:45 am. There is no adult supervision until our doors open at 6:45 am. Cars should be in a single file line along the curb in the main parking lot drop off lane. At 6:45, students will enter the building through the gym door to the right of the main entrance. Parents are not permitted to enter the main part of the building or to walk their child to class. Staff members are posted in duty positions throughout the building to assist students. Students will be marked “tardy” promptly at 7:10 am. Chronic tardiness will result in a parent meeting to implement a formal Attendance Intervention Plan for your child. Please be on time! Cars should be in a single file line along the curb in the main parking lot drop off lane. A school representative will come to your car to get your child’s grade level and name. They will radio to your child’s community and your child will walk outside to your car. Guardians should remain in their vehicle at all times. Guardians should not park their vehicle in the parking lot or on the street and walk up to the building. If a Guardian has walked to the building to pick up a child, that child will be released with walkers at the end of the dismissal procedure. Parents should create a consistent plan for how their child will go home each day and make sure that each child’s teacher is aware of that plan. When making changes to the way your child goes home each day, parents MUST: NOTE: Electronic devices will be stored in a secure location during the day and returned to students at dismissal. Car Riders: The safety of your child is our number one priority. As such, please make sure to follow the arrival and dismissal guidelines listed below so that we collaborate to keep all of Fairview’s students safe during arrival and dismissal.

SCHOOL EXPECTATIONS STUDENT ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL: Parents are to supervise students at their bus stops. If a problem develops, please call the Transportation Department at (937) 542–4010. Bus riders should enter through the gym door to the right of the main entrance. Students should be at the bus stop at least ten minutes prior to their pick up time. If your kindergarten student rides the bus, someone MUST meet the bus. Bus drivers are not permitted to drop kindergarten students off at a bus stop, unless there is an adult to meet them. Students must remain seated in their assigned seat at all times. Load and unload from the bus at designated stop in an orderly manner. Ride only the regularly assigned bus and unload at the regular stop. Eating and littering are not permitted on the bus. There must be absolute quiet at railroad crossings and other places of danger. Noise on the bus should be kept to a minimum. The same behavior is Students may talk quietly if the driver permits. Students should not change seats while the bus is in motion. Students must not hang any objects or body parts outside the windows. Any students who misbehave shall be denied the privilege of riding the bus. The students must cross the street at least ten feet in front of the bus and upon Students are not permitted to transport animals on the bus. Students should go promptly to the bus when dismissed from school. When discharged from the bus, they should go directly to their homes. Walkers: Walkers should enter through the gym door to the right of the main entrance. Walkers should arrive between 6:45 and 7:00 am. Walkers should not arrive on school property prior to 6:45 am as there is no adult supervision until that time. Walkers will be dismissed in the afternoon at 2:00 pm. Walkers who have guardians meeting them to walk home will be released at 2:00 pm. Bus Procedures: Student responsibilities (from the Ohio Department of Education): expected on a school bus as in the classroom. signal from the driver. Please go over these safety rules with your child. Violations may result in suspension of bus privileges. If a student is to ride a bus other than his/her assigned bus, the parent must provide the teacher and the office with a written request. The written request must have a phone number where the parent can be reached for verification. It also requires the signature of the principal prior to the student loading the bus. This will only be allowed on a limited basis.

OPERATIONAL POLICIES Tardy Policy: All students are expected to be at school on time. If for some reason a student is tardy, the student must bring a note from home. When a tardy student arrives at school, the student must report to the office to receive an admit slip before entering the classroom. Tardy students will walk through a metal detector located outside of the main office door. Cell phones will be collected at that time.

Early Dismissal Policy: We encourage every student to participate in a full day of school. But, on rare occasions, if it is necessary to leave school early, a note from the parent must be submitted to the home room teacher and the student must be picked up by 1:15 pm. Students will be released only to persons listed on the Authorization for Pick–Up Form. The parent will be given instructions upon arrival how to sign out a student who is leaving early. Students will remain in their classroom until the parent arrives. We do not want students to miss any valuable instructional time.

Inclement Weather Policy: When severe weather is in the forecast, your most complete source of detailed information is the DPS Facebook page. Changes in the student schedule–such as delayed openings or school closures–will be communicated via ParentSquare phone calls, texts, and emails. You also may log on to our DPS website, or you may call our switchboard at 542-3000 and listen to the recorded message for any details about DPS school delays and closings. If school is dismissed early due to an emergency, we will also notify local television and radio stations. It is very important that you work out a plan of action ahead of time with your child. That plan should include where they should go and what they are to do in case of an emergency that requires their early dismissal from school.

Updating Contact Information: If at any time during the school year, a change occurs in your home address or telephone number, please let the school know as soon as possible. If there is a change in the telephone number where a parent/guardian may be reached during the day, please report this to the school.A change of address can be completed at the school with two documents to act as proof of your new address. These documents include: Primary Documentation: Lease, Mortgage Statement, Deed, Proof of Purchase, Property Tax Bill Secondary Documentation: Utility Bill, Paycheck Stub, Court Document, Change of Address, Job & Family Services Documentation, Social Security Statement, or Shelter Letter.

Withdraw From School: To ensure speedy transmission of necessary records, a withdrawal form must be completed before a student leaves his/her present school. Parents are required to come to the main office of his/her present school to complete the withdrawal form in person. A parent’s signature is required along with a valid photo ID to secure or release needed records. Student records will be faxed or mailed to the new school once a request is received. Withdrawals can only be completed at your student’s present school.

ATTENDANCE POLICIES Student Attendance Requirements: Students are expected to be in school and in class on time every day. Regular school attendance is important not only because it is required by law, but also because students who are in school each day will gain more from their educational experience. Parents must notify the school attendance office at (937) 542-4624 or message your child’s teacher when your student will be absent. When a student is absent and returns to school, a note from home and/or the doctor is required. The note should include date(s) of absence, student’s name (first and last), homeroom number, and the reason for absence with the parent/guardian’s and/or doctor’s signature. Excuse notes must be returned within two days of the absence. The attendance goal for Fairview Elementary School is 95%. Please help us reach this goal. The State of Ohio recognizes the following as approved excused absences: Personal illness Religious holiday Emergency Home quarantine Family illness Death in the family

Chronic Absenteeism: Chronic Absenteeism, as defined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), is missing 10 percent or more of the school year for any reason — it includes excused absences & unexcused absences. Students who are chronically absent are missing a significant amount of school. Chronically absent students will be reported to the district truancy office, Montgomery County Juvenile Court and/or Montgomery County Children Services. Research shows that students who miss 10 or more days of school, for any reason, make dramatically less academic progress than their peers. Please set your child up for success! Ensure your child is at school—on time—each and every day. If there are barriers impacting your child’s attendance, please contact our Family Resource Coordinator, Tanae’ Waites, at (937) 271-1820 for assistance.

Leaving School Premises: NO child is ever permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without the consent of the parents (per phone call home or note) and the student will only be permitted to leave with an adult. If a parent/guardian is unable to pick up a child, then the child will only be released to an adult who is listed on the Authorized Pick-Up Form.

ACADEMIC POLICIES Progress Reports & Report Cards: Student progress is communicated to parents/guardians through interim reports that are generated and distributed after half of a quarter has been completed, generally four weeks of instruction. Quarter report cards are generated and distributed at the end of each quarter of the school year, generally nine weeks of instruction. Both reports will include a grade and comment regarding student progress. To ensure proper delivery of progress reports please inform office staff or classroom teachers of any address changes. If your child receives a D or below, your child’s teacher will contact you to set up a meeting.

Parent Conferences: Parent/Teacher Conferences are held twice each school year for the purpose of discussing the progress of each student in the school. Fairview’s Parent-Teacher conference nights for the school year will be scheduled during the following academic quarters. Fall date- October 19, 2023 Spring date- March 21, 2024

Make-Up Work: Students will be allowed to make-up tests and other work missed during excused absences. The teacher will inform the student of the new deadline. Failure to complete assignments will affect the student’s grade. Homework should be turned in when the student returns from an absence. Missed homework may be made up on a schedule determined by the teacher. School work missed because of unexcused absences, removal or suspension or truancy can be made up at the teacher’s discretion.

Homework: Students should expect to receive homework at least three to four times per week. Assignments will be appropriate to their needs/abilities and relate to work in the various content area subjects. Homework is given to: review/reinforce information taught in class; finish incomplete classwork; make up missed work; improve study habits/skills.

POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE The students will walk to the right in the halls in a single class line. The students will keep their hands at their sides, or use signals determined by the teacher. The students will follow the instructions of ALL staff members. The classroom teacher is responsible for the location of the students at all times. All students must have a hall pass with the teacher’s name and time on it when they are not with their class or teacher. Students will participate in regularly scheduled restroom breaks. We know that emergencies may arise outside of the designated restroom time, for these instances students will request a pass from the teacher and use the restroom with an accountability partner to support positive decision-making. If emergency breaks become too frequent, teachers may limit student passes or request a parent meeting to discuss concerns.

The Student Code of Conduct: Fairview Elementary School follows the Dayton Public Schools Student Code of Conduct. A copy will be provided to families at the beginning of the school year. If you do not receive a copy, please contact your child’s teacher to obtain one. Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself. [Code JFCF | Code JFCF-R].

Common Area Conduct: Restroom Expectations: Detention: Students can be kept after school with parental notification. Parents are responsible for transportation home. Students may also be kept indoors during recess. Unauthorized Personal Items: Students are not to bring candy, gum, large or shareable chips, soda, tablets, pets, toys, skateboards, slime, fidget spinners, trading cards of any kind, or any other items that are not part of the educational requirements of a class. These articles may be confiscated. Note: An individual/small bag of chips is permitted, if it is brought with lunch. Fairview Elementary School and Dayton Public Schools will not be held responsible or liable for any lost, stolen, damaged, or confiscated cell phone, electronic device, or other unauthorized articles. Cell phones that are not voluntarily turned in upon arrival will be collected by the homeroom teacher and will only be returned to a parent/guardian. TOBACCO, DRUGS, & PARAPHERNALIA: All tobacco products, drugs, and drug paraphernalia are PROHIBITED on school property. This is in compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws

POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE FAIRVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BEHAVIOR MATRIX TRANSITIONS RECESS CAFETERIA RESTROOM ARRIVAL/ DISMISSAL CLASSROOM RESPECTFUL Keep hands and feet to self Stay quiet- classes are in progress Hold doors for others Take turns Use kind words and actions Invite others to play Respect other’s space Use kind words and actions Use an indoor voice Respect privacy Use kind words and actions Use equipment and supplies properly Wait your turn Keep noise down Use kind words and actions Listen for your stop Remember your bus number Pay attention to your teacher Follow instruction s Use kind words and actions Raise your hand to speak Participate RESPONSIBLE Go directly to your destination Set a good example During class have a pass Follow directions Line up when you are called Set a good example Use equipment appropriately Play by the rules Leave a clean table, chair and floor Sit with feet under table Throw trash in receptacl e Use time wisely Go, flush, wash Listen to bus driver No eating or drinking Keep track of your belonging s Keep your backpack closed Complete your work Organize Be ready to learn and try your best Stay on task SAFE Walk face forward Keep to the right Keep hallways clear and clean Stay in designate d area Report problems to an adult Walk to and from building Follow directions from adults Walk at all times Eat only your food Raise your hand for help Wash hands Report problems to an adult Walk at all times Keep water in sink Stay seated face forward Watch for traffic when entering/ exiting Keep hands and feet to yourself Report problems to adult Use classroom materials appropria tely Walk at all times Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

STUDENT HEALTH AND SAFETY Immunizations Your child’s immunizations must be kept up-to-date according to the requirements of the Ohio Department of Health. Provide the school nurse with an updated immunization record whenever your child receives immunizations. Children whose immunization records are not complete will receive an exclusion notice and have two weeks to comply.

Student Health & Safety Guidelines Every day counts toward academic success. Students should rarely miss school. If your child has a chronic health condition, please contact the school nurse. The nurse may be able to provide help and resources, so that your child can attend school regularly. Please complete an Emergency Medical Authorization form each year.

School-Based Screenings Health screening is done for students in preschool, kindergarten, first, third, and fifth grades. For most grades, this includes vision, hearing, and dental. Scoliosis screening is done in sixth grade. If you do not want your child to participate in the health screenings, you must send a written note to the school nurse. Parents will be informed in writing if their child needs to have a medical evaluation for a possible problem.

Management of Chronic/Life-Threatening Conditions The child must have a Health Care Plan on file for emergency medical needs. The parents/guardians must submit any physician orders and supply medications or treatments to the school nurse.

Administration of Medications: Unless a routine medication is time-specific, it usually can be given at home. Under Ohio law, S.B. 262, medication (prescription or over the counter) may not be administered without having on file a completed request/release form signed by the physician and parent/guardian. All medications must be left in the school nurse’s office. Only authorized personnel can administer medication. A parent/guardian may come to the school to administer medication as well. Students are not allowed to carry medication of any kind. This includes over-the-counter medication and cough suppressants. Inhalers require physician specific orders to self carry.

Illness at School: If a student becomes ill at school, we will contact the parent so they can make arrangements to pick up their child. Students who are suspected of having a contagious disease will be excluded by the school nurse. If we are unable to reach the parents, we will follow the directions specified on the student’s Emergency Form. Parent(s) or persons appointed by the parent, must report to the office and sign the student out.

STUDENT HEALTH AND SAFETY Injury at School: Minor injuries will be treated in the health office and the student will return to class. Parents or designated adults will be contacted for more serious injuries and illnesses. It is best practice for a parent or designated adult to pick up their child if the school determines that the student should not remain at school due to illness or injury. 911 (and the parent/guardian) will be called for emergency situations.

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting: Suspected child abuse and/or neglect as specified by the State of Ohio Board of Education in its resolution relative to Child Abuse and Neglect shall be reported. In addition, we adhere to all Ohio Revised Codes as they relate to child abuse and reporting.

UNIFORM POLICY Navy blue, black and khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers White and navy blue collared shirts Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted at Fairview. Please do not send your child to school in a hooded sweatshirt. Coats and jackets are not to be worn in the classroom. Sweaters, cardigans and long sleeve shirts (worn under uniform shirt) are to be navy, black, white, or gray. Gym shoes are preferred. However, dress shoes are acceptable. Students may NOT wear open toed shoes of any kind for safety reasons. Sweat pants and jeans are NOT permitted. Uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times. Uniforms should be clean and fit appropriately. Students at Fairview Elementary School are required to be in uniform while attending school and at all school functions unless prior written notice is given to parents/guardians. Parents will be contacted and required to bring proper uniform attire to the school if students arrive out of uniform. Parents who need assistance with uniforms should contact Fairview’s Family Resource Coordinator, Tanae Waites at The uniform will consist of the following: (*No exceptions*) Please note: Shoes: Gym shoes are the preferred uniform choice. Dress shoes are permissible. Some footwear can be very hazardous, especially on the playground. For this reason, flip flops, heels, thongs, open-toed sandals as well as shoes or boots with higher than normal heels, are not permitted. Pants and Skirts: Pants, skirts, and shorts must be worn at the waist. Belts: Belts should be chosen with function in mind. Multiple belts, studded belts, and rope belts are not permitted. Purses: Purses, handbags, pocketbooks, fanny packs, wallets, and belted wallets are not permitted. There are designated areas where students can go for personal hygiene items. Students should keep personal hygiene items in their backpacks in their homerooms to access when needed. Bookbags: Backpacks, bookbags, or messenger bags are permissible. Earrings and Jewelry: For children with pierced ears, small posts earrings are acceptable. Dangling designs or oversized studs are not permitted. Rings and other jewelry are strongly discouraged. These items are easily lost, stolen, or broken and the school is not responsible for their loss. Nails: Press on nails, nail glues, polishes, enamels, lacquers, and nail polish removers are not permitted at school. Professionally done nails are allowed as long as they do not interfere with the learning environment. Head coverings: Hats, bandanas, and wave caps of any kind are not allowed in the building. Head coverings for religious purposes are permitted.

TECHNOLOGY Electronic devices are NOT permitted. Electronic equipment of any kind including hand held games, MP3 Players, iPods, IPADs, tablets, wireless earbuds, cameras, smart watches etc. will be collected by homeroom teachers and returned to parents/guardians. Students are responsible for turning in cell phones upon arriving at school. We highly recommend leaving cell phones at home. Cell phones that are not voluntarily turned in upon arrival will be collected by the homeroom teacher and will only be returned to a parent/guardian. We ARE NOT responsible for cell phones that are lost, damaged or stolen while at school. Anything of value that can be lost, stolen, broken, or argued over should not be brought to school. Fairview Elementary School and Dayton Public Schools are NOT responsible for damaged or stolen cell phones or valuable items. If a student refuses to turn in their cell phone upon arrival at school, a parent will be required to pick it up.

Purpose of Technology: Fairview Elementary School provides structured computer services/access for our students. While students are afforded many opportunities to enhance and supplement their learning, there are many guidelines and regulations that apply when dealing with Internet access. Each student will receive the Student Code of Conduct. This will provide detailed information about our policies concerning the Internet and technology use. Dayton Public Schools is pleased to offer Internet Access to employees and students. The purpose of the computer network is to provide access to a wide range of educational material. The computer and network will improve communication between the local community and the world. The district system is limited to an educational purpose. This term includes use of the system for classroom activities, professional or career development and limited high quality self-discovery activities. Use of equipment for self-discovery may not in any way violate restrictions established in the Acceptable Use Regulations.

Acceptable Use Policies: With access to computers and information networks, there is an availability of material that may be considered inappropriate in an educational setting. Dayton Public Schools has acquired software designed to block access to certain sites. It must be noted however, that no software is 100% guaranteed. The district believes that the benefits of Internet access for our staff and students outweighs the possibility that users may access material that is not in line with the educational focus of the district.

Cell Phone Policy: TECHNOLOGY Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA): The Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA) requires that web sites and services directed to children 13 years of age and younger disclose their information collection, use and storage practices. COPPA also indicates that the parent or guardian has the right to review, modify, or delete any personally identifiable information that a web site holds about your child. In order to honor our commitment to providing the best education possible, DPS will provide access to high quality interactive learning sites. These sites provide a wide variety of activities that are rich in academic value. COPPA allows schools to act as intermediaries between website operators in the notice and consent process. Based on your child’s permission form, you are authorizing Dayton Public Schools to provide consent to one or more web sites or services that may collect personally identifiable information from your child. Accessing Technology at Home: Below is a link for the directions on how to access the DPS Home Access Center! Find information on your student’s progress in class, including grade information.

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