Athletic Event Expectations

Athletic Event Expectations

Adrianna DaviesNews

The district appreciates student and adult support at sporting events. Appropriate behavior and conduct are expected by all.

Athletic events should be a point of pride for the district, and students and adults should represent the district in a positive light.

The student code of conduct will be followed at all times, just as it is during the school day. Students who violate the code of conduct may be suspended or expelled for their behavior.

Adults who do not conduct themselves appropriately may be asked to leave the event and may have charges pressed, depending on the nature of the behavior.

Thank you for attending games to support our student athletes, and thank you for following the district’s behavioral expectations for events. Dayton Public wants to provide a positive experience for our student athletes, student spectators and adult spectators. Please help us achieve this!

The student code of conduct is available for review on the district’s website:

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