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DPS announces district science fair winners


February 12, 2015
Contact: Jill Moberley, Public Information Officer
For Immediate Release

The Dayton Public Schools District Science and Technology Fair was held Feb. 7. Division winners, along with other projects rated superior, from grades five through 12 will advance to the West District Science Day regional competition, held at Central State University on March 21.

* indicates a superior rating

Preschool, Class Projects
PreK    Alicia Warner/Rosa Parks        What Will Happen to Our Tape    1st
                        When We Add Heat or Cold?
PreK    Victoria Scarbrough/CAE Girls Acad.    Milk Bunnies            2nd
PreK    Cindy Bretlinger/Rosa Parks        Cookies                3rd


Division I, Class Projects
K    Santha Josyula/River’s Edge*        Jingle Mingle Music             1st
PreK    Sonja Black/Horace Mann        What is Magnetic?            2nd
1    Traci West and Nichole Rogers/Louise Troy    What Floats Your Boat?    3rd


Division II, Individual
3    Robert Ingram/River’s Edge*        Vehicles-Speed Differentiation    1st
2    Julia Thacker-Mann/River’s Edge*    What Types of Water Makes Plants    
                        Grow the Tallest?             2nd
3    Murad Kambarov/Wright Brothers*    Lego Quake                3rd

4    Krystian Hayes/Louise Troy*        Loopy Prints
3    Dorian Lawrence/Valerie*        Toilet Paper Bridge
3    Mikale McGhee/Dayton Boys Prep*    Will This Fan Work?

Division II, Class
2    Cheri Beddies/Edison*        Are You Color Smart?            1st
2    Aja Haywood/Louise Troy*        Taste Perception            2nd
3    Sanjii Johnigan/World of Wonder    It All Started with Squanto        3rd

3    Lavita Williams and Julie Clausing/Edison*    Good Vibrations
K-2    Christiana Woo/Meadowdale PreK-8*    Snap, Crackle, Popcorn
2    Nancy Vogel/World of Wonder*        Does Clay Float?
3    Jennifer Knupp/Eastmont*            Don’t Bug Me!

Division II, Teams
3    Aziza Hamadi and Dylan Lorenz/Wright Brothers*    McWorms        1st
3    Roni Smith, Isaiah Rhodes, and King-David Brown/Louise Troy*    
                            Magnetic Power        2nd
3    Avionna Curry, Marcus Beckworth, and Xavier White/Louise Troy*      
Bouncing Balls        3rd

Division III, Individual
4    Simeon Tucker/Dayton Boys Prep Acad.*    The Soda Effect        1st
4    A’Aryah Davis/Edison            Poppin’            2nd
4    Isis Cartwright/CAE Girls Academy        Can Milk Turn Into Plastic?    3rd

4    Jonnray Moncree/Dayton Boys Prep Acad.*    Does Freezing Batteries Prolong
                            Their Life?    

Division III, Teams
4    Tucker Smith and Riley Engle/Wright Brothers*    Mega Art Bot        1st
4    Kabatesi Nishinwe and Demi Cos/Fairview*        Yeasty Beasties    2nd
4    Lilly Smith, Alyssa Hughes, and Angel Pack/Cleveland*
                            Before and After Mixing    3rd

Division IV, Individual
5    Aidan Hudson/River’s Edge*            Geometric Gumdrops        1st
6    Nico Balint/Eastmont*            Think Fast!            2nd
5    Ian Fitzgerald/River’s Edge*            The Battery Battle        3rd

5    Amira Webb/CAE Girls Academy*        What Flavor is Your Color?
6    Erin Preston/Wright Brothers*        Eggcelent
5    Raveena Tandan/Ruskin*            Creating Static Electricity
6    Destiny Love/Valerie*            Magic Balloon
5    Laura Smith/Ruskin*                Moldelicious Bread

Division V, Individual
8    Casey Turner/Stivers*            Hushed Highways: The Effects of Barrier
                        Types on Highway Noise        1st
7    Eja Boddie/Kiser*            Pretty Packaging            2nd
8    Brittney Ashley/Eastmont*        Burn, Gas, Burn            3rd

Division V, Teams
7    Salvi Kambarova and Sevda Ismailova/Wright Brothers*
                        Cool Mints                1st
7    Travell Shoffner, Anthony James, and Dion Gatewood/Edison
                        Power of the Plants            2nd
8    Jeniya Jones and Dayanni Weaver/Kiser    Solar Dog Cooker        3rd

Division VI, Individual
11    Cortney Mitchem/Ponitz*        The Investigation of PGLO as a Transformation
                        Process using E.coli            1st
12    Craionna Charles/Ponitz*        Chemical, Physical and Cellular Analyses of
                        Uranalysis Samples            2nd
11    Mahogany Estes/Ponitz*        The Synthesis, Purification, and Yield of
                        Acetylsalicyclic Acid            3rd

12    Justin Barbour/Ponitz*        The Analysis of Dugesia Tigrina Regenerative

Division VI, Teams
11    Shadayah Lawrence and Courtney Allman/Ponitz*    The Analysis of Medicinal Plans vs
Hand Sanitizer as an Antimicrobial Killer                1st
11    Destiny Peyton and Andrew Kerns/Ponitz    The Extraction, Amplification, and
Sequencing of DNA from Fish    2nd
9    Brittany Underwood and Airren Davis/Thurgood Marshall
                            Plants and Pollution            3rd

Material, Manufacturing, Engineering and Technologies, Team or Individual
7    Eja Boddie/Kiser            Pretty Packaging            1st
5    James Kuntz/Cleveland        Monster is a Monster to the Heart    2nd
8    Zadarian Wilson and Ravon Hardin    Ocean Water                3rd

Inventions, Team or Individual
4    Tse’Kai Walker and Julian Torres/River’s Edge*    Ultimate Camping Device    1st
4    Nathan Doucette/River’s Edge*            The Illuminator        2nd
4    Mekensey Mosley and Jayla Reed/River’s Edge*    Cane Fabulous        3rd


Construction and Engineering, Individual
8    Casey Turney/Stivers        Hushed Highways: The Effects of Barrier Types    1st
5    Aidan Hudson/River’s Edge    Geometric Gumdrops                    2nd
6    Damonte Maston/Edwin Joel Brown    Electricity in Play Dough            3rd


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