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How can businesses help Dayton Public Schools?

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Advisory Committees: Ohio recognizes the importance of these councils and has established a law (Ohio Revised Code 3313.82) that requires every school district and educational service center to have a business advisory council.  Each career-technical education program must hold at least one advisory meeting every school year. The purpose of a career-technical advisory committee is to:

  • Advise by providing information that will update, modify, expand, and improve the quality of career training and aid in implementing these recommendations;
  • Assist with specific activities, such as program evaluation, judging local events, offering internships, job shadowing, and other work-based learning opportunities; and
  • Promote a relationship between the CTE program and business, industry, and the community.

Apprenticeships: Companies can offer paid or unpaid apprenticeships where students work alongside more experienced employees to gain valuable skills and knowledge through hands-on learning.

Class visits and career days: Business professionals could visit classrooms to speak to students about their companies. Business professionals could participate in career days to teach students about potential career opportunities in their industries. 

Job fairs: The school may choose to host an event where business representatives and employees from a number of local companies share information about job opportunities and required skills.

Job shadowing: Companies can organize opportunities for students to shadow employees to enhance career exploration and awareness of the nature of the business and job. 

Mentoring and tutoring programs: Employers can provide opportunities for employees to serve as mentors and tutors to students, helping improve academic skills as well as social, emotional, workplace, and employability skills. This mentor experience should align to the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal. 

Promote the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal: Companies can encourage attainment of the OhioMeansJobsReadiness Seal, a formal designation students can earn on their high school diplomas and transcripts indicating they have the personal strengths, strong work ethic and professional experience that businesses need. 

Participate in Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs Week: In-Demand Jobs Week is a statewide celebration of jobs, industries, and skills that are in demand in Ohio. It occurs during the first full week in May. Community leaders statewide are encouraged to partner to plan engaging events and activities that will inspire excitement and awareness among students and job seekers. 

Promoting student commitment to being drug-free: Together, schools and businesses can raise awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and how using drugs or alcohol can affect future job opportunities. They can develop drug-free agreements that reward students for maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Signing Day celebration: Companies can host a signing day celebration for students who are hired. Family, friends, educators, and community members can attend to learn more about the business and the work the student will do. 

Work-based learning opportunities for students: Companies can organize opportunities for students to work at their businesses, so they can fully understand the expectations of the jobs and types of work people engage in. These opportunities can include unpaid or paid work; including full-time, part-time, or summer employment. 

Please contact Megan O’Toole, Work-Based Learning Specialist for more information.

937-542-3535 or email:

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