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Hindy Gruber, Associate Director


Assessment Opportunities

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) defines a gifted student as one who performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment in one of the gifted areas. 

To be identified, the student must be assessed using one of the instruments approved by ODE and must score in a defined range.

Gifted Identification Procedures and Services brochure

Opportunities for assessment are offered twice a year in the following areas:

  • Superior Cognitive (IQ)
  • Specific Academic
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Creative Thinking Ability
  • Visual & Performing Arts

Referral Process

As mandated by ODE, two opportunities will be afforded each school year for students to receive gifted identification assessment, one in fall, one in spring.

Referral Sources

  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Self
  • Peer
  • Counselor
  • School Psychologist
  • Administrator
  • Gifted Services Representative
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Other adult familiar with student’s capabilities

Referral forms are available online, as well as in all Dayton Public Schools buildings and the Gifted Services Office, located at the Administration Building.

Deadlines for each referral period will be set to ensure adequate time for processing and preparation of assessment instruments and proctors.  

Dayton Public Schools has established guidelines to provide for inclusion of disadvantaged students, children with disabilities, and students for whom English is a second language.  This information is available upon request from the Gifted Services Office.

Screening and Assessment

Dayton Public Schools ensure that there will be ample and appropriate scheduling procedures for assessment and reassessment including:

  • Group tests
  • Individually administered assessments
  • Audition/Performance
  • Display of work
  • Exhibition
  • Checklists

Instruments for identification will be chosen from the list provided by ODE
in the Assessment Instruments for the Identification of Children Who Are Gifted.

Parents will be notified of results within thirty (30) days of the assessment.

Dayton Public Schools also certifies that assessments will be administered by qualified personnel; including teachers, test coordinators and gifted staff.

Parents are permitted to appeal results of assessments. Letters of appeal should be submitted to the Dayton Public Schools’ Chief Academic Officer or his/her designee explaining details of the concern. A conference will be convened with appropriate participants. A written notice of the final decision will be issued within 30 days of that meeting.

Transfer Students

Identified gifted students transferring from another district to Dayton Public Schools will be placed on the gifted roster upon receipt of assessment information from the district in which the student was identified.

Services Include ...

  • Differentiated classrooms
  • Enrichment activities
  • Cluster grouping
  • Accelerated course work
  • Post-secondary options
  • Advanced Placement
  • Honors classes
  • Independent study
  • Other options identified in rules adopted by ODE


To withdraw from gifted programming, the parent will submit a letter to the Office of Gifted Services.

Written Education Plans (WEP)

Upon successful assessment and gifted identification, parents/guardians receive a letter regarding the area(s) in which the student has been identified and the score achieved.

Using guidelines from the Ohio Department of Education, each gifted student who receives services is provided an individual plan for success.  This includes identification information as well as goals set by the teacher(s) responsible for the student’s education in the areas of gifted identification.

Goals are set in the fall of each year and then assessed at the end of both semesters.  Parents receive a report that includes the goal chosen, how the assessment was made, what work/project was assigned and how successful the student was at accomplishing the goal.


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