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2023-2024 Meadowdale CTC (Translatable)

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Student Handbook


Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive high school community that upholds
perseverance, excellence, empathy, and respect (PEER). Together, we aspire to
equip our students with the essential values and skills needed to thrive in an ever-
changing world.

Eddie Davis, Principal

Monica Naas, Assistant Principal
Indie Thompson, Assistant Principal

August 2023

Dear Meadowdale Career Technology Center Students and Families,
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Meadowdale Career
Technology Center for the 2023-24 academic year. This summer the administration,
faculty and staff have worked diligently to refine our focus on curriculum and
instructional practices and enhance our resources to support all MCTC students. Our
goal at MCTC is to provide effective instruction to ensure that each student obtains the
critical thinking skills, deep literacy, core concept comprehension, and the experiences
necessary to graduate from high school and to be successful in their lives after high
As we transition to a more focused curriculum, we want all students to be challenged
and to perform at their highest ability. For this to occur, an emphasis on scholarship,
respect, collaboration, innovation and inquiry are necessary if students are going to
adapt to a changing world and ultimately take part in shaping it.
We encourage our students to take advantage of the exciting career technology
programs and extracurricular activities offered at MCTC. The innovative programs and
activities provide supplemental resources for curriculum, provide employment and
academic resources for the future, promote social interaction, develop discipline, and
create life-long friendships and memories.
We are excited about this school year and are already preparing for a smooth opening
day on August 16, 2022. Our primary focus is on continued academic achievement for
all students. It is imperative that students are focused and ready to begin on the very
first day. Please make sure you check Parent Square throughout the school year for
important information and updates.
A successful school year is important. We appreciate your support and look forward to
working with your family.

Eddie Davis, Jr.         Monica Naas                                 Indie Thompson
Principal                     AssistantPrincipal                       AssistanPrincipal


Meadowdale Career Technology Center
3873 Whitestone Ct 937-542-7030
Dayton, OH 45416 937-542-7131

2023-2024 Staff Phone Log

Office Staff
Eddie Davis Principal 1113 7095
Monica Naas Assistant Principal 1115 7112
Indie Thompson Assistant Principal I2200 7061
La’Donna Jones Secretary Main Office 7094
Leticia Dangerfield Attendance Clerk Main Office 7053
Tana Folley Data Tech 1203 7055

LaDoris Mack Business Manager 1212 7073
Ashley Selhorst 1204 7114
Taiyisha Foward 1202 7059
Career Tech
Michelle Rammel Director 1207 3534
Matthew Folkerth Academic

1207 7182

Megan O’Toole Work-Based
Learning Specialist

1207 3535

Malkia Brown Pre-Nursing 1309 7115


Cori Mackey Pre-Nursing 1307 7046
Christina Harsch Biomedical Science 1216 7074

Steven Morrison Digital Design 1200 7057
Matt Stemley Exercise Science 1104 –


Chanadie Machal Exercise Science 1104 –


Paige Cromwell-Daniels Programming &
Game Design

1201 7062-7051

Josh Gates Robotics Engineering 1403 7054

Zaid Rutledge Business 1209 7084
Teresa Caldwell Information


Credit Recovery
Anthony Graham 1232 7065
Derrick Robinson Day Custodian 1417 7033
Samuel Burns Night Custodian 1417 7033
English Language Arts (ELA)
David French 1219 7077
Angela Granata 2206 7101
Robert Phillips 2217 7103


Karen Powell 2209 7106
Jake Sierra 1220 7126
English Language Learners (ELL)
Meghan Lovely 1232 7105
Intervention Specialist
Len Hampton 1225 7082
Nate Michael 1223 7083
Justin Ykema 2213 7104
Mary Ivan 1230 7064
KoKou Kah 2218 7089
Stedman Wynn 1230 7064
John Printz
Louis Butler
Jada Smith
Student Support Services
VACANT Psychologist

Nurse 1105 7100

Melinda Robinson School Based

2200 7066

Jamica Williams Student Resiliency

2202 7060

Jaime Stevenson Speech Therapist
Raheem Mack-Ali Student Success



Lisa Hubbard Sinclair ETS 1224 7085
Dr. Stacy Worley Males of Color
Dr. Adaora Females of Color
Gabrella Fleming Paraprofessional 2218 7089
Caron Foster Paraprofessional 1225 7082
Shanna Pippins Paraprofessional 2218 7089
Darius Davis Paraprofessional 1223 7083

Javonn Herron InSchool Suspension 1402 7015

Michael Mills Physical Education Gym
Elliot Dangerfield Health 1117 7121
Karen Schilla Foreign Language 2201 7110
Lawyanna Marshall Career Exploration 1229 7079
Claudia Mason JROTC 1106 7056
JROTC 1106 7071
James Bornhost 1218 7070
Connor Cline 2220 7088
Charles Cox 1228 7063
Brett Lewis 2210 7097
Danielle Cummings 2205 7108


Kara Butlein-Cohen 2204 7102
Evan Blake 2203 7109
Hannah Brownlee-

1215 7075
Brenda Marone 1309 7045
Social Studies
Kevin O’Donnell 1221 7078
Annabel Bohn 1217 7076
Nick Brockmeyer 2207 7107
Desmond Fletcher 1222 7068
Noah Zupancic 2208 7098
Nutrition Services
Denise Burns Cafeteria 7037
School Resource Officer (SRO)
Anthony Jackson 2214 7111
Randy Brookshire 2214 7111
Jennifer Smith 2214 7111


1. Practices good time management skills

2. Has established good study skills
3. Works well in group situations
4. Enjoys challenges and hard work
5. Takes pride in his/her work by striving for “quality beyond completion” and begins
assignments and projects without prompting
6. Has established a goal of attending college,military or establish a career
7. Understands and can apply the Scientific Method
8. Maintains good attendance and active participation in class
9. Earns course grade through mastery of course material without reliance on extra
10. Takes advantage of College Credit Plus and the most challenging courses offered
11. Selects and commits to a STEM Career Pathway
12. Incorporates Design Thinking in problem solving


1. Love yourself and establish confidence in yourself that will help you succeed.
2. Envision yourself in the future and set small goals that will help you reach your
future self.
3. Alleviate anything or anybody that keeps you from reaching your goals.
4. Always be prepared. Do assignments and work before the due date.
5. Schedule a time and place to study for each class daily. Choose a quiet, well-lit,
ventilated room.
6. Review your class notes each day. (This increases your comprehension of the
7. Ask questions and probe for deeper meaning. Make connections between new
information and previously learned concepts and ideas.
8. Write down each assignment for each subject, including the directions for
completing it, and the date it is due.
9. Work on your hardest subjects first before you become tired.
10. Keep yourself in good health. Get enough sleep, get the right amount of
exercise, and eat nourishing food. Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

11. Learn to read at a steady pace. Think of the meaning rather than the words.
Read daily!!!!
12. Read the assignment thoroughly to learn the meaning, and then go back over it
to focus on the important points.
13. Review the information often. Each time you review information you increase
your long-term memory.
14. Review by writing statements that summarize the important facts or ideas.
15. Depend on yourself to do your work and in that way develop confidence in your
own ability. Work every day; build skills to prepare a strong foundation for further
learning. Also, learn from others and also help others learn.
16. Repeat out loud what you have studied.
17. Study with a friend or a small study group.


“Be the Change”

Classroom Cafeteria Hallway Restroom Bus/Car


Be Respectful

-Come to class
on time
-Be prepared
-Follow the
dress code

-Sit only in
assigned area
-Follow the
dress code
-Do not

– Walk quietly
on the right side
-Follow the
dress code
-ALWAYS have
-Do not
-Keep Moving

-Use your time
-Place all
garbage in its
proper place

– Listen carefully
to the adult in
-Walk to
-Sit in assigned
seat or section

– Support school
-Dress appropriately

Be Optimistic

-Model a
positive attitude
others to do their

– Make healthy choices
-Only share positive comments with peers and adults

– Use appropriate language
-Encourage good behavior

-Wait your turn
-Use positive comments

-Share good news
-Be considerate of others

-Demonstrate good sportsmanship
-Encourage others to do their best

Be Actively Involved

-Participate in
-Complete all
-Report any
problems to an

– Clean your
-Get all items
while being
– Report any
problems to
an adult

-Be courteous
-Maintain a
clean hallway
-Report any
problems to an

-Exercise good
restroom clean
-Report any
problems to an

-Keep bus and
bus waiting area
-Report any
problems to an

-Use equipment
-Pay attention to your
-Participate in activities
-Maintain a safe

Be Restorative

classroom and
-Use only
yourself and

– Remain
quiet and
orderly while
in line
-Always use
good manners
“Please &
Thank You”

-Share positive
-Keep hands,
feet, and other
objects to

-Keep hands,
feet and other
objects to
-Talk when
voice tone

-Keep hands,
feet and other
objects to
-Talk when
voice tone

– Follow the teacher’s
– Keep hands, feet and
other objects to



Testing Dates for 2023-2024
NWEA MAP (Grade 9 Reading; Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
Fall MAP August 24-28
Winter MAP December 7-18
Spring MAP May 3-7
Ohio State Test
End of Course Retakes November 30 – December 18
English Language Arts II
Algebra I
American History
American Government
April 12-23 ELA
April 26 – May 7 Math/Science/Social Studies
April 6 – 16
College bound students are encouraged to take the ACT, SAT or both by the end of the
junior year. Students should prepare and plan to take the test more than once. Fee
waivers are available in the counseling office for students who receive free or reduced
lunch. Registration materials for ACT and SAT testing may be obtained in the
counselor’s office, or you may register online.

The ACT with writing (optional) costs $93.00. Without writing the ACT costs $68.00. A
perfect score is 36, an average score is 20.8. The late fee is $36.00; the standby fee is
$68.00. Change fee is $42 includes making a Test Date Change or Test Center
Change. Students may qualify for an ACT fee waiver (see website for details).
Bring a printed copy of your ticket to the test center. Also bring acceptable photo
identification (details on website), a standard sharpened No. 2 pencil (NOT mechanical),
a watch, a calculator, and snacks to eat outside the testing center on breaks.


The test is administered:
Test Date Registration

Late Fee Required ($36)

September 9, 2023 August 4, 2023 August 18 – September 1, 2023
October 28, 2023 September 22,


October 6 – October 20, 2023

December 9, 2023 November 3, 2023 November 17 – December 1, 2023
February 10, 2024 January 5, 2024 January 19 – February 2, 2024
April 13, 2024 March 8, 2024 March 22 – April 5, 2024
June 8, 2024 May 3, 2024 May 17 – May 31, 2024
July 13, 2024 June 17, 2024 June 21 – July 5, 2024


The SAT costs $60.00. The late registration fee is $30 in addition to the test fee. A
perfect score is 1600 for math and critical reasoning, an average score is 1060.You will
need to bring your Admission Ticket and a photo ID, a calculator and a No. 2 pencil to
take the test. . Make sure they meet the requirements (listed on the SAT website) or you
could be turned away.
Tests are administered:

SAT Date Registration

Deadline for Changes, Regular
Cancellation, and Late Registration

August 26, 2023 July 28, 2023 August 15, 2023

October 7, 2023 September 7, 2023 September 26, 2023


November 4, 2023 October 5, 2023 October 24, 2023

December 2, 2023 November 2, 2022 November 21, 2023

March 9, 2024 February 23, 2024

May 4, 2024 April 19, 2024

June 1, 2024 May 17, 2024


2023-2024 Bell Schedule

Period Time Duration
7:45 AM Student Entry at Event Entrance
Breakfast in the Cafeteria
7:55 AM Warning Bell
1st 8:00-8:50 50 min
2nd 8:54-9:50 56 min
3rd 9:54-10:44 50 min
4th 10:48-11:38 50 min
5th 11:42-1:12

90 min


A 11:38-12:08
B 12:10-12:40
C 12:42-1:12

6th 1:16-2:06 50 min
7th 2:10-3:00 50 min

Please be advised that students have 4 minutes for transitioning. Students must have a
hall pass signed by a teacher to be in the hall or to go to the restroom during class.
Passes will be reserved for EMERGENCIES ONLY! Passes will not be issued to go to
a locker, office, or water fountain. Students are encouraged to “pack” books needed for
morning classes, visit the locker at lunch, and “pack” for the afternoon to avoid losing
time in the hall.

2022-2023 Bell Schedule (2 Hour Delay)


Period Time Duration
9:45 AM Student Entry at Event Entrance
Breakfast in the Cafeteria
9:55 AM Warning Bell
1st 10:00-10:31 31 min
2nd 10:35-11:06 31 min
3rd 11:10-11:41 31 min
4th 11:45-12:16 31 min
5th 12:20-1:50

90 min


A 12:16-12:46
B 12:48-1:18
C 1:20-1:50

6th 1:54-2:25 31 min
7th 2:29-3:00 31 min

2022-2023 Bell Schedule (Assembly)


Period Time Duration
7:45 AM Student Entry at Event Entrance
Breakfast in the Cafeteria
7:55 AM Warning Bell
1st 8:00-8:46 46 min
2nd 8:50-9:36 46 min
3rd 9:40 -10:26 46 min
4th 10:30-11:16 46 min
5th 11:20-12:50

90 min


A 11:16-11:46
B 11:48-12:18
C 12:20-12:50

6th 12:54-1:40 46 min
7th 1:44-2:30 46 min
Assembly 2:30-3:00 30 min

Attendance Procedures

DPS Attendance Policy- Regular school attendance is required by Ohio Law. Ohio
Revised Code 3321.19 states that the parent(s) of children ages 6-18 years of age must
ensure that they attend school regularly. Excellent school attendance is directly related
to each student’s academic success.
Students with 5 consecutive days of absence or 7 days of absence per month or 12 or
more school days in a school year will be referred to DPS Student Services as “habitual
truant.” Students with 7 or more consecutive days of absence or 10 or more school days
in one month or 15 or more school days in one school year will be referred to DPS
Student Services as a “chronic truant”. No student is permitted to leave school prior to
the normal time of dismissal or to be absent when regular school is in session unless
excused by the MCTC administration.

Reporting an Absence

Parents are to notify the Attendance Office on or before the day of the absence by
calling 937-542-7053. A written excuse should accompany the student when he/she
returns to school.

Excused Absences

Personal illness or injury Quarantine of contagious disease
Death in the family Illness in the family
Religious Holidays Required court attendance
College Visits Medical or Dental appointment
An act of God Homelessness

Unexcused absences

Hair/Nail appointments Sleeping In
Driving family or friends to work Baby sitting
Suspension/expulsion Off campus lunch
Car repairs Work

Reporting an Early Dismissal
Early dismissal requests will be handled by the attendance office. Students should
submit their request to the attendance office before the start of the school day.
Parent/legal guardian permission must be obtained before the school will allow the
student to sign out. NO student will be dismissed without the proper guardian/contact
and proper identification. The administration reserves the right to review each request
and to deny those requests that abuse this privilege. When permission to leave is
granted, students will be called down for dismissal. The student will sign out in the Main
Office. Students are to leave the school grounds within five (5) minutes after signing
out. Failure to comply can result in disciplinary action.
Independent Students/18 or older: If the student has been identified as an independent
student per ESchoolPLUS, the student will be allowed to sign themselves out. If a
student has to sign out due to a scheduled physician appointment, the student is to
provide a copy of their appointment schedule for verification.
No early dismissals after 2:30 p.m.

Tardy to School Procedures

Tardiness to school is discouraged by the MCTC Administration. It is a disruption to
students and teachers who are engaged in learning. Students who are late are to report
to the Attendance Office and receive a tardy slip. Students who miss assignments as a
result of unexcused tardiness will not be permitted to make them up. Students with 5 or
more tardies to school will be referred to the district truancy officer.
Tardy to Class and Class Cuts/Not Reporting to Class
A student is considered tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the bell rings.
Unexcused class tardiness will be considered excessive at the third occurrence.
Disciplinary action for excessive tardiness is listed in the Student Code of Conduct. Any
student who is ten or more minutes late to class without a pass will be considered to be
cutting class/not reporting to class.


Dismissal from School

At the end of the school day, students are expected to exit the building unless under the
direct supervision of a teacher or coach. Transportation arrangements should be made
so that all students are picked up within 30 minutes of dismissal. Students are not to
“hang around” nor “wander the building” waiting for rides. All students who remain in the
building after dismissal must be under the supervision of an administrator, teacher or

Lunch Procedures

MCTC operates a closed lunch policy. Students are not permitted to leave the campus
to obtain lunch from local restaurants. Students are not permitted to have lunch
delivered (DoorDash, Uber Eats, friend or relative) without prior administrative approval.





Graduation Requirements

Senior Capstone Project
Meadowdale requires all senior students to complete a Senior Capstone Project. The
Senior Capstone Project is a compilation of research, writing a technical paper,
incorporating technology, and presenting the final product to a panel.
When is the Senior Capstone Project due?
● To be determined by the respective teachers.
How will the Senior Capstone Project be graded?
● The Senior Capstone Project will be facilitated through the English courses. The
Senior Capstone Project is worth 25% of the student’s total grade for the second
What is the role of the teacher?
● To facilitate and instruct the student towards demonstrating competence in
research skills, technical writing, technology proficiency, and public speaking.
● Teachers will also support students throughout the process by encouraging them
to complete each component as it is assigned.
What is the role of the student?
● To select and research a topic thoroughly. Students will then incorporate their
findings and recommendations to a panel composed of Meadowdale Career
Technology Center Staff.
● Students must meet deadlines in order to be scheduled to present their Power
Point presentation.
● If a student does not write a paper and make a PowerPoint presentation, they will
not meet the requirements to receive a high school diploma.
The student will acquire many skills that are pertinent in today’s workplace. It is an
assessment for speech. Finally, it allows students the opportunity to meet district and
state standards through this additional assessment and can be used to fulfill a
graduation requirement issued by the State of Ohio.

Graduation Ceremony

Participation in the MCTC graduation is a privilege. Students who have met all
requirements and are in good financial standing may participate in commencement.
Seniors are given a packet that details all expectations, rehearsal dates and times, and
dress requirements. Students who do not adhere to the expectations will not participate
in the graduation ceremony and will receive their diploma at a later date.


DPS Grading Scale
% Earned Letter Grade Quality Points

Quality Points
(Honors & AP
90-100 A 4.0 5.0
80-89 B 3.0 4.0
70-79 C 2.0 3.0
60-69 D 1.0 2.0
0-59 F 0 0


Based on Dayton Public Schools promotion policies: As of September 15, 2011
Freshman status (9th grade) Less than 5 credits
Sophomore status (10th grade) 5 credits
Junior status (11th grade) 10 credits
Senior status (12th grade) 14 credits

Failed courses must be completed during credit recovery or during summer school

Grade Calculations

Grades are calculated each semester (twice yearly). Credit is awarded each semester.
Each quarter (9 week period) grade/percentage is weighted 40 percent, the semester
exam is weighted 20 percent, and all are averaged to obtain a final semester grade.
Example: Qtr. 1 (80%) Qtr. 2 (95%) Semester Exam (85%)
Calculation: 80+80+95+95+85=435 Semester Avg. 435/5=87% = B

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade point average (GPA) calculations are completed by the counselor at the end of
each semester. Students must perform well in each class (4 nine week quarters and 2
semester exams). These grades are averaged with the semester grades you have
accumulated, and will continue to accumulate throughout your 4 years of high school.
GPA: It is important. Your GPA determines class rank. The GPA is used for
consideration in scholarships, acceptance for college and university admissions, and by
potential employers. Each student should make a genuine effort to build a GPA of which
they can be proud. If an incomplete grade is assigned during a term, all work must be
completed by the end of the next term to avoid an “F” grade.


Honor Roll List



Honor Roll


Quarter Grades All A’s 4.0 or

No D’s or F’s

No D’s or

Dual Credit Program/College Credit Plus

Dual credit is the term given to courses in which high school students have the
opportunity to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously. Dual credit
courses are taught by high school faculty, adjunct college faculty or college faculty
either at the high school, at the college or university, or sometimes through online
courses or distance education. Dual credit is offered by both state and independent
(private, regionally accredited) colleges and universities.)
There will be six classes offered to eligible students on the MCTC campus:
English Composition I
Federal Government
English Composition II
US History
Introduction to Sociology
General Psychology
Each course is worth 3 semester credit hours at Sinclair. This initiative is a product of
many academic, civic, and business relationships MCTC is developing to enhance our
student’s opportunities.

Athletic Eligibility

To be eligible, a student must maintain a 1.0 G.P.A. during the immediate preceding
grading period. “Once a student attains the age of 20, the student will no longer be
eligible for interscholastic athletic competition notwithstanding where that 20th birthday
falls in relation to the sports season.” (bylaw 4-2-1, OHSAA)
All students must submit a completed student participation form and pass a physical
examination before they may practice for a school sport. Physical examinations are
valid for an entire calendar year.
All athletes must be in school the day of a game or the day before a game if school is
not in session. For example, students must be in school on Friday to participate in
Saturday athletic events.
Student Athlete Conduct Policy (from OHSAA) Prospective athletes are expected to
accept the responsibility and privilege of representing the school while participating in
interscholastic athletics. MCTC expects student athletes to treat opponents with
respect; respect the judgment of contest officials; abide by the contest rules; display no

behavior that could incite fans or other participants in the contest and which is intended
to embarrass, ridicule or demean others under any circumstances, including on the
basis of race, religion, gender or national origin; cooperate with officials, coaches and
other participants.

Meadowdale Career Technology Center Sports
Basketball Basketball
Volleyball Volleyball
Softball Baseball
Track & Field Track & Field
Cheerleading Wrestling
Cross Country Cross Country
Dress Code: Student Uniforms
Students in grade 9 are required to wear khaki/black bottoms and a black polo
shirt/black t-shirt preferably with the school logo imprinted on the left side chest.

Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 are required to wear the school uniform unless they
are in the pathway listed below.
Biomedical Science – Yellow Scrubs and white scrub jacket.
Pre-Nursing – Pewter Gray Scrubs and scrub jacket.
Exercise Science:
❖ Non- exercise lab days – standard school uniform.
❖ Exercise lab days – black jogging pants and black shirt
Dress Code
For any student inappropriately dressed, parents will be contacted and asked to bring
appropriate clothes to the student. In the event that a parent is unable to bring clothes,
the student will be provided a substitute article of clothing. If the student refuses the
alternate clothing, they will be sent home. We are asking for parents’ cooperation in
helping us enforce the dress code.
● Clothing should cover the body and clothing articles such as halter tops, crop
tops, tube tops, low-cut tops, spaghetti strap tops/dresses, and bare midriffs are


● Any pants or shirts that you can see through are prohibited.
● Skirts and shorts must be within 4” of the kneecap (no mini-skirts).
● Pants and trouser styles must be worn such that the waistband is within 2” of the
navel and cover the bottom. Leggings are permitted, provided that the top covers
the bottom.
● Clothing which may be evidence of membership or affiliation of any gang is
● Clothing, jewelry, or other items of expression which “advertise or promote a drug
substance, drug paraphernalia, and alcohol; or make sexual references; or
display profane words” are not allowed to be worn in school.
● Hats, hoods, stocking caps, scarves, bandannas, bonnets, headbands, wraps,
and sunglasses are not permitted to be worn in the school building.
● No pajamas or pants similar to pajamas.

Appropriate dress should not disrupt the educational process.
All Dress Code violations determined by MCTC Administration are FINAL.

Schedule Changes

Students have five days at the beginning of semester one and five days at the
beginning of semester two to submit a schedule change form to the counselor. Students
are to review the graduation requirements, complete form, explain the reason for the
change and a parent signature is required. The following reasons will be considered for
schedule changes:
1. Courses needed for graduation
2. Errors
3. Release period for PSEO
4. Change from A.P./Honors to regular section of a course

Fees and Obligations

Student fees and class dues are due at the beginning of each school year. Class dues
are typically levied by the end of sophomore or beginning of junior year. All requests for
fee waivers are to be submitted to the Business Manager by the end of September and
must be approved by the MCTC administration. Senior class dues for 2023-20234
MCTC seniors are $50. School records, transcripts and participation in graduation may

be affected if obligations for class dues fees are not submitted by Friday, May 10th.
Damaged or lost DPS property will be considered outstanding obligations.

Discipline and DPS Student Code of Conduct

The MCTC climate must be safe, orderly and conducive to student learning. Students
who disrupt the learning process are violating the rights of those who want to learn. The
DPS Student Code of Conduct (S.C.C.) provides examples of expected behavior,
definitions of behavioral infractions including its severity (Level I, II, or III), and possible
corrective strategies. The Administration reserves the right to modify the consequences,
in accordance with due process and board policy, based on the severity of an incident
and the Progressive Discipline Philosophy. Every effort will be made to contact parents.

In-School Suspension and Community Service

Students may be assigned In-school Suspension or community service for (Level 1 & 2)
infractions, according to the Student Code of Conduct, and other disciplinary reasons as
determined by an administrator. Students who do not show up for an assigned In-
School Suspension will be suspended from school for 3 days. Parents are responsible
for transportation home.

Grade Level Detentions

Students may be assigned grade level detentions for (Level 1 & 2) infractions at the
discretion of classroom teachers. Students who do not show up to grade level
detentions, will be referred to the MCTC administration and can be suspended for 3
days. Parents are responsible for transportation home.
Electronic Devices/Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and all electronic devices stated in the Student Code of Conduct will be
collected upon entry and returned at exit. If a student is caught accessing their phone
(or having earbuds in their ears), the Administration will collect the cell phone/earbuds.
The student will be issued Intent to Suspend/Suspension notification for violating this

Metal Detectors

All students are required to pass through metal detectors each day and at school
activities. Bags, purses and parcels will be checked. Unauthorized items according to
the Student Code of Conduct will be confiscated.


Lockers are the property of Dayton Public Schools. Students will be assigned a
locker to keep text books, school supplies, coats and gym clothes. Students are not to
deface lockers in any way; this includes decorating them with markers or stickers.
MCTC administration and/or security resource officers have the right to inspect lockers.

Additionally, the school will not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged
possessions in lockers.

School Safety Zones

The bill defines "school safety zone" as consisting of a school, school building, school
premises, school activities, and school bus (sec. 2901.01(C)(1)). "School," "school
building “and” school premises" are defined as in the existing Drug Offense Law (sec.
2901.01(C) (2)).
School buildings, including a 100-foot radius around the building, are protected by a
special state law that enhances the penalties for any criminal action conducted within
this radius.

Clinic Procedures

The clinic is located in the main office. Students must submit a pass to be seen in the
clinic. The nurse can be contacted at 937-542-6701. The clinic is an “in school”
resource and can provide services ranging from hearing to vision screenings.
All prescription medicine must be kept in the clinic. In order for the nurse to administer
medications, a form must be completed by the prescribing physician.
The nurse will not provide aspirin, Tylenol, cough syrup, ect. to students. Asthmatic
students are allowed an inhaler, if the appropriate paperwork is on file.
MCTC is aware of the economic devastation to the region, if your family becomes
homeless or you become aware of a classmate’s situation, please stop in the clinic or
alert an administrator.
All students must have an emergency medical form on file in the main office. The form
must include a current contact number so that parents can be immediately notified in
the event of illness or other medical situation. Additional support services provided to
our students:

School Counselor
School Psychologist
Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)

Grade level Interventions (academic, social and disciplinary)

Speech Pathologist /Audiologist
Mental Health Services
Student Resiliency Coordinator
Student Success Coordinator
McKinney-Vento Children and Youth Program
School Resource Officers (SRO)

Students should rarely miss school. If your child has a chronic health condition, please
contact the school nurse. The nurse is able to provide help and resources so that your
child can attend school regularly. No student will be sent home with an illness until a

parent/guardian or other designated adult has been contacted. With parent permission,
students who have a minor illness may sign out and leave the building to go home.
The Ohio Department of Health determines the immunizations required for school
attendance. The school nurse will notify you if your child does not meet the
requirements. Parents are responsible for providing written documentation promptly
whenever shots are given. Failure to provide proper written documentation will result in
your child being excluded from attending school.
Unless a routine medication is time-specific (during school hours) it should be given at
home. All medications to be administered at school must be accompanied by the
Medication Authorization form (primary healthcare provider order) and signed by the
parent. This includes over the counter medication as well. We do encourage students
with asthma to have rescue inhalers and spacers for use at school. Responsible
students who are self-carrying their inhalers or epinephrine auto-injector must have
physician approval. Forms can be found on the DPS website under Health Services or
from the school nurse. New forms are needed each year.
Health screening is done by the school nurse for students in ninth, eleventh grade, and
those new to DPS. This may include vision, hearing, and dental. If you do not want your
child to participate in the health screenings, you must send a written note to the school
nurse. You will be informed in writing if your child needs a medical evaluation for a
possible problem.
Please be sure the school (office, teacher and nurse) has correct phone numbers and
contact names for your student in the event of an emergency.


MCTC administration recommends that students join and participate in extracurricular
activities. This will help students feel like a part of the MCTC community. Students
should listen for announcements throughout the school year for opportunities to
participate in a variety of activities.
● Journalism/Yearbook
● Daily News and Announcements
● College Credit Plus (CCP)
● The National Honor Society
● Class Officers/Student Council
● Upward Bound (CSU, WSU and UD opportunities)
● TorchPrep ACT Training
● Scholarship Opportunities
● Study Table
● Martin Luther King, Jr. Competition
● Community Service and Service Learning Opportunities


● DPS Student Senate Representatives
● Young Scholars (The Ohio State University and Sinclair Community College)
● MCTC Scholars Night
● College Fair
● Homecoming Week Activities
● Dances
● Bible Study
● Chess Club
● Athletics
● Senior Activities

Attendance at Dances

The following rules of behavior are expected to be followed at all MCTC dances:
1. Attending MCTC dances is a privilege. All school rules are in effect.
2. All dances, unless the MCTC administration specifies otherwise, are sponsored
only for MCTC students and their dates.
3. A guest request form must be completed for anyone who is not currently enrolled
as a MCTC student. The form must be approved by the administration 48 hours prior to
the dance.
4. All MCTC student’s guests must present their student IDs before entering the
5. Guests must be in high school.
6. Guests may not be over the age of 18 and will not be admitted into the dance
unless registered as a MCTC student
7. Only one guest per student.
8. In some cases tickets must be purchased in advance.
9. No alcohol/drugs are to be in cars or in/on one’s body while attending the dance.
10. Any type of clothing that could be disruptive or interfere with the activity will not
be permitted.
11. Clothing should be in good taste and sensible in size, length and style according
to the administration. Shorts, dresses and/or skirts will be at a minimum-below the
middle finger (standing with shoulders relaxed, clothing will fall below the tip of
the middle finger). Sagging pants are not permitted. Pants must be pulled up at the
12. Students will not be permitted to enter the dance if clothing is not in good taste
according to the administration (no revealing, see-through, high splits, low cut or
midriff clothing permitted).
13 No inappropriate or offensive dancing is permitted.
14. All dancing is to be face-to-face.
15. Public display of affection (PDA) is not permitted.
16. Consequences for refusing to abide by these rules are as follows:
1) Student will not be permitted to enter the facility


2) Student will be escorted out of the facility; and/or
3) Student will face suspension/expulsion from school and will not be
permitted to attend any MCTC sponsored events.

Parking Regulations

Driving and parking a vehicle on Meadowdale Career Technology Center’s campus is a
privilege. In order for safety to be maintained, the following rules are to be observed by
students at all times.
1. All vehicles must be registered through the school office and must display a
current Meadowdale Career Technology Center Student parking permit. This
permit must be displayed in the bottom left corner of the rear window at all times
that the vehicle is on campus.
2. Students must have a valid driver’s license/ insurance and signed parental
permission, as well as a completed Vehicle Registration Form in order to obtain a
3. Teacher, Bus and Visitor Parking areas are off limits to students during the hours
of 7:30 am to 3:30pm. Students are only to park in the area designated for
Student Parking located between the football stadium and Elmhurst Road.
4. Students should not enter Faculty Parking areas to pick up or unload students.
Disciplinary action may be taken.
5. Speeding or reckless driving on campus or the school zone (25 MPH.) is a
serious violation and may be punishable by law. Student driving privileges may
also be revoked.
6. Any vehicle involved in an accident or vandalized on campus should be reported
immediately to the office.
7. Cars in constant violation of parking regulations will be towed at the discretion of
the administration.
8. Smoking is prohibited everywhere on campus, including cars and parking areas.
9. Students are to come into the building immediately after parking their vehicles.
Students are not allowed to sit in vehicles before, during or after school.
10. Parking privileges will be revoked for any student who leaves campus without
proper permission.
11. The administration reserves the right to revoke students parking privileges based
on their performance (academic or behavior).
It is essential that all rules for operating vehicles on campus be followed. Students are
subject to school fines, revocation of driving privileges and in some instances,
punishable by law. The consequence depends upon the severity of the offense.





School Alma Mater
Meadowdale, Oh Meadowdale
Our hearts belong to you, Our loyalty we pledge to thee,
To friends revered and true.
The Lions spirit brave and bold will proudly bear the black and gold,
Thy hallowed halls will ever be
A part of every memory!

Fight Song (John Heisey)
Look out, the Lions are coming,
Fighting for victory!
WIth the spirit of winning
and never of losing,
We’ll fight for the black and the gold!
Rah, Rah, Rah!
FIght on, you Meadowdale Lions,
Fight on to victory.
We’ll fight on to win,
every game we begin
and we’ll go down in his-tor-y!


Dear Members of the Meadowdale CTC Family:
This handbook has been compiled and approved by the Meadowdale CTC
Administrative staff. It is published for your information and contains policies, rules,
regulations, and a school calendar. This handbook is distributed to every family with a
student attending Meadowdale CTC. This handbook is considered to be a contract
between the parents and the school, and we ask that you and your child take time to
read the handbook and sign below.


Student Handbook Contract

I have read, understand, and agree to follow the school regulations as outlined in the
Parent/Student Handbook.

Student________________________ Date___________________
Parent/Guardian ____________________________ Date____________________


Cell Phone Policy Contract

I have read, understand, and agree to follow the district cell phone policy.
Student__________________________ Date____________________
Parent/Guardian____________________ Date_____________________


Please return this form to your student’s 1st period teacher.

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