Students examine a fake crime scene in their biomedical science class.

Biomedical Science students get hands-on experience

Alexandra KincaidMeadowdale High School News, News

Sophomores in Meadowdale CTC’s Biomedical Science pathway begin analyzing clues left at the scene of a crime in early September as part of a class project.

Dr. Christina Harsch, the Meadowdale Biomedical Science instructor, said this is an annual project in which students work to determine the cause of death and manner of death of a fictional person based on evidence left at the scene in the classroom.

In this photo, students are documenting the crime scene and sketching it to scale in their lab notebooks. They will then go on to collect and analyze evidence, which includes blood testing, DNA testing, and looking at hair samples and fingerprints.

In the Biomedical Science pathway, students engage in a variety of hands-on activities and explore microbiology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology, and bioethics. In this program, students can earn their sterile processing certification and college credits that prepare them for entry-level careers or to continue their education in college. For more information about the district’s Career-Tech pathways, please click here.

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