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Dayton Digital Academy and Mound Street Academy Student Handbook 2022-2023

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Dayton Digital Academy & Mound Street Academy




Elizabeth J. Lolli, Ph.D., Superintendent Hiwot Abraha, Treasurer

136 South Ludlow Street Dayton, OH 45402

Ph: (937) 542-3000



Dayton Digital Academy and Mound Street Academy continue to thrive through the vision and support of Superintendent Elizabeth J. Lolli and the members of the Dayton Public Schools Board of Education.



354 Mound Street / Dayton, OH 45402

Daniel Hinshaw, Principal Email:

America Henson, Assistant Principal Email: Phone: (937) 542-3204       

Christopher Howick, Dean of Students Email: Phone: (937) 542-3605

Tracey Billingsley, DDA Secretary Email: Phone: (937) 542-7090 Fax: (937) 542-7048      

Kimberly Andrews, Mound St. Secretary Email: Phone: (937) 542-3600 Fax:  (937) 542-3624

Elizabeth Porter, Attendance Clerk Email: Phone: (937) 542-3618


…. A Note From The Staff….

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,
If you are a new student, welcome to Dayton Digital Academy & Mound Street Academy. Dayton Digital Academy has been providing a quality educational experience to students since 2003. In 2020 Dayton Public Schools acquired Mound Street Academy. Supported by Dayton Public Schools, both academies offer a unique alternative to the traditional classroom setting. If you are a returning student, we are pleased that you will be continuing your education with us.
Dayton Digital Academy (DDA) and Mound Street Academy (MSA), offer a flexible, continuous progress program to students of diverse needs and backgrounds. Our academies have been structured around the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Education, and all of our teachers are certified in the areas that they teach. In addition, DDA & MSA are compliant with NCAA requirements.
We believe that parents, teachers, and the entire school staff share the responsibility for building and developing a partnership to help our scholars achieve. Time management for our students is stressed to guarantee progression through the curriculum. In this environment, students will be able to complete the coursework for their grade level and prepare them to succeed on state-mandated tests. It is critical for parents, teachers, and staff to encourage students to work up to their abilities and stay on task. Through this joint effort, we will be striving to take the Dayton Digital Academy and Mound Street Academy to a new level.
We hope that you have a great year.

Enrollment Policy

The Dayton Digital Academy (DDA) is a nontraditional high school designed to serve students who are not reaching their full learning potential in more traditional educational environments. Because DDA is a distance learning school, the ability of its students to learn independently in their own homes and other sites, using an online educational program, is an essential element of DDA’s program.

DDA serves students who have realized that a traditional school setting is not for them and have a desire for an education that meets their schedule and needs.

The categories of students who enroll with DDA are:

  • Students who are performing at or above grade level, but who seek a more challenging curriculum and, in particular, who wish to capitalize upon the enrichment potential of individually paced and independently completed online instruction.
  • Students that have a health and/or medical situation and need to insure they stay on track to
  • Students that work and are committed to continue their focus on academic pursuits in the independent and solitary context of online instruction available on their time.
  • Students who are performing below grade level and who wish to focus their education exclusively on an independent online course of study, starting at the student’s current skill and knowledge level and building forward at a pace determined by the student in collaboration with online instructors.
  • Students who realize that a traditional school is not best for their educational advancement and are devoted to refocusing their academic endeavors in an independent online program delivered in their homes.
  • Students who are already successfully learning at home but whose home-schooling is insufficiently comprehensive and requires the kind of augmentation offered by DDA’s formal and standards-based online

Additionally, a student’s enrollment and successful participation in the school are predicated upon the following:

  • The student and the student’s parent/guardian must provide, within the home, at all times during which the student is engaged in DDA’s program of study, adult supervision of such a nature as to ensure the student’s safe and responsible participation in the program.

Face-to-face meetings with teachers or other staff are regularly necessary. In such cases, and except as otherwise agreed by, DDA/MSA or required by law, the meetings will take place at the Mound Street Location in Dayton, Ohio at 354 Mound Street Dayton, OH 45402.


Student Responsibilities


Dayton Digital and Mound Street students have the ability to complete coursework at any time and anywhere. However, there is an expectation regarding the amount of time students commit to the program and a minimal amount of regular attendance expected at the school building weekly.

Following the Dayton Public Schools calendar, daily basis student’s must

  • Make progress using the online platform for at least four hours per day, for a total of 20 hours per week
  • Students who do not access the online platform everyday will be counted as absent. Too many absences will result in notification to the Truancy Department and dismissal from the programs.
  • Required Attendance sessions (scheduled) as described below at the school
    • Digital Students – ½ day (3.0 ) (8:00 am – 11:30 am or 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm) one (1) day a week.
  • Mound Students – Monday – Friday (8:00 am – 3:00 pm)
  • Over Age Students – Individualized educational plan will be established
  • If weekly attendance is not met, the student will be required to attend daily at the school for the entire day (8:00 am – 3:00 pm)
  • Students on a ½ day program in the classroom may stay for a full day provided space is available, the student is not disruptive to others & the environment and they are making academic progress.

Uniform Policy

District uniform policy as per the Student Code of Conduct:

Dressing or grooming in a manner that disrupts the teaching or learning of others is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, ski masks, hats, head coverings except for religious purposes, bare midriffs, clothing above mid-thigh, pants worn below the waistline, full-face coverings, and clothing with reference to drugs, alcohol, sex, or vulgar/hate messages. Failure to follow uniform dress code in applicable buildings is also prohibited. During a health crisis where facial coverings are required, students are permitted to wear masks that cover the nose, mouth and chin only.


  • NO head coverings are permitted to be worn in the building, including but not limited to, “du rags”, bandanas, hair wraps, hats and/or hoods unless for religious/ethnic reasons.
  • NO shorts, skorts, leggings or jeggings
  • NO flip-flops, sandals, slides or house shoes/slippers


Students may only be in or about their assigned classroom, restroom, and cafeteria during the assigned time. Students who are found outside these areas may be subject to disciplinary consequences up to and including suspension.

Digital Content

Students will complete their assignments using the APEX digital courseware.


Students are expected to follow the Dayton Public Schools Code of Conduct. Failure to follow the code of conduct will result in consequences up to and including serving the student’s suspension.

District Devices and Internet Access

Students will be provided a Chromebook, portable Wi-Fi device, headphones, and a mouse. All equipment is property of Dayton Public Schools and students/families are financially responsible for the equipment and its return. Students must agree to and follow the Acceptable Use Policy for electronic devices.

Tests and Assessments

Students must take an end of course assessment and complete all state assessments. The assessments must be completed at 354 Mound Street Dayton OH 45402. The testing windows for this school year are as follows:

November 28, 2022 – January 13, 2023

March 27, 2023 – May 12, 2023

The role of the Dayton Public Schools is to provide (at no cost to the student/parent) . . . .

  • Online curriculum (APEX) that meets DPS and state requirements
  • Support from a teacher for each course taken
  • Special education accommodations based upon student needs
  • A Chromebook device (upon request)
  • A portable Wi-Fi access point (upon request)
  • Training on the curriculum program (APEX), the device and the Google file sharing system
  • A Student Learning Advocate who will monitor student progress and support the student, parent and district
  • A DPS diploma from one of seven DPS High Schools based upon successful completion of the program
    • Belmont, Dunbar, Meadowdale, Mound Street, Thurgood Marshall, David Ponitz and Stivers

Graduation Requirements

(Class of 2023 and later)

  1. Students must successfully complete at least 5 Carnegie units in that include the following:

4 units of Integrated Language Arts (English) I, II, III, IV

4 units of Mathematics

  • 1 unit Algebra I 1-unit Geometry 1-unit Algebra II
  • 1 additional unit of math above Algebra II

3 units of Science

  • 1 unit of Physical Science
  • 1 unit of Life Science
  • 1 unit in one or more of the following: Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geology or other Earth/ Space Science

3 units of Social Studies

  • 1 unit of American History 1-unit of World History
  • 1 unit of American Government (including financial literacy)
  • ½  unit of Physical Education

½ unit of Health

½ unit of college and career

1 unit of Fine Arts ( depending on home school)

5 Electives

  1. Students must show competency by passing their English Language Arts II OST and Algebra I OST with a score of 684 or better.
    1. If students cannot meet this requirement they must follow an alternative pathway to fulfill this requirement. These alternative pathways include:
      1. Demonstrate Two Career-Focused Activities: Foundational Proficient scores on WebXams, A 12-point industry credential, A pre-apprenticeship or acceptance into an approved apprenticeship program, Supporting: Work-based learning Earn the required score on WorkKeys, Earn the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal
      2. Enlist in the Military
      3. Complete college coursework: Earn one college credit in a college level Math or English course through Ohio’s College Credit Plus program
  1. Students must earn at least two seals from the list below:
    1. OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (Ohio)
    2. Industry-Recognized Credential Seal (Ohio)
    3. College-Ready Seal (Ohio)
    4. Military Enlistment Seal (Ohio)
    5. Citizenship Seal (Ohio)
    6. Science Seal (Ohio)
    7. Honors Diploma Seal (Ohio)
    8. Seal of Biliteracy (Ohio)
    9. Technology Seal (Ohio)
    10. Community Service Seal (Local)
    11. Fine and Performing Arts Seal (Local)
    12. Student Engagement Seal (Local)


District Acceptable Use Guidelines

Users must abide by the following guidelines:

1.  Personal Safety:

Users will not post personal contact information about themselves or other people. Personal contact information includes address, telephone, school address, work address, etc.

Users will not agree to meet with someone they have met online.

Student users will promptly disclose to their teacher or other school employee any message they receive that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable. Employees will report messages to their supervisor.

2.  Illegal Activities:

  • Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the District system or to any other computer system through the District system, or go beyond their authorized This includes attempting to log on through another person’s account or access another person’s files. These actions are illegal, even if only for the purpose of “browsing.”
  • Users will not make deliberate attempts to disrupt the computer system performance or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means. These actions are illegal.
  • Users will not use the District system to engage in any illegal act, such as arranging for a drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, engaging in criminal gang activity, threatening the safety of a person, etc.

3.  System Security:

Users are responsible for the use of their individual account and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use their account. Under no conditions should a user provide their password to another person.

Users will immediately notify the Dayton Digital Academy Coordinator if they have identified a possible security problem. Users will not attempt to discover security problems as these actions may be construed as an illegal attempt to gain access. Users will avoid the inadvertent spread of computer viruses by following the District virus protection procedures if they download files. Users must not attach a modem to a District computer connected to the District system without express written consent from the Superintendent or his/her designee.

4.  Inappropriate Language:

Restrictions against inappropriate language apply to public messages, private messages and material posted on web pages.

  • Users will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening or disrespectful
  • Users will not post information that, if acted upon, could cause damage or a danger of
  • Users will not engage in personal attacks, including prejudice, racist or discriminatory
  • Users will not harass another Harassment is persistently acting in a manner that distresses or annoys another person. If a user is told by a person to stop sending them messages, he/she must stop.
  • Users will not knowingly or recklessly post fake or defamatory information about a person or

5.  Respect for Privacy:

  • Users will follow Board policy with regard to confidential
  • Users will not post private information about another

6.  Respecting Resource Limits:

  • Users will use the district system only for education and professional or career development activities (no time limit), and limited, high-quality, self-discovery activities.
  • Users will not post chain letters or engage in “spamming.” Spamming is sending a message that is annoying, unnecessary or has no clear educational purpose to a large number of people.

7.  Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement:

Users will not plagiarize works that they find on the Internet. Plagiarism is taking ideas or writings of others and presenting them as if they were original to the user. Users will respect the rights of copyright owners. Copyright infringement occurs when an individual inappropriately reproduces a work that is protected by a copyright. If a work contains language or artwork that specifies acceptable use of that work, the user should follow the expressed requirements. If the users are unsure whether they can use a work, they should request permission from the copyright owner.

8.  Inappropriate Access to Material:

Users will not view, download or transmit material that is profane or obscene (pornography) that advocates illegal acts or that advocates violence or discrimination toward other people (hate literature) or that could be construed as harassment, bullying or disparagement of others based on their race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, economic status, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, political beliefs, military status or any other personal or physical characteristic. For students, a special exception may be made for hate literature if the purpose of such access is to conduct research and both the teacher and the parent approve access. District employees may access the above material only in the context of legitimate research.

Examples of material considered inappropriate include, but are not limited to, topics dealing with sex, illegal use of drugs, hate speech, online merchandising, gambling, non-educational games, occult, cults, non-educational entertainment, criminal skills, non-educational chat groups, dating and matchmaking.

If users inadvertently access such information, they should immediately disclose the inadvertent access in a manner specified by their school. This protects users against an allegation that they have intentionally violated the Acceptable Use Policies.

9.  Other Inappropriate Uses:

  • Users may not use the District system for commercial purposes, defined as offering or providing goods or services for personal use.
  • Users may not use the district system for solicitation and/or

10.  Access to Future Updates of Acceptable Use Regulations:

Users are notified of changes at the beginning of each school year or may access future updates of the Acceptable Use Regulations through the District’s Internet site of or by submitting a written request to the District Webmaster.



Congratulations and welcome to Dayton Digital and Mound Street Academy! We ask that you read the following agreement carefully, then sign and return to Dan Hinshaw. Scanned copies can be sent to or faxed to (937) 542-7048.
1.      I understand that I am responsible for my student adhering to the academic honesty policy as defined in the Student Handbook and in the Apex Curriculum Policies and Procedures.
2.      I agree to adhere to the attendance policy (in building and minimum 4 hours per day online, 20 hours each week) and maintain regular contact with my student’s Academic Teacher/Coach.
3.      I understand that failure to comply with any and all of the parts of the Student/Parent Agreement may result in disciplinary actions and/or my child’s dismissal from either program.
4.      I understand that participation in standardized tests is mandatory and failure to comply with this requirement may result in my student’s dismissal from the program.
5.      I understand that a parent or guardian must be available to the student while he or she is working on school assignments.
6.      I understand that I am required to work at least one hour per subject, per day; however, my coach may set varying goals depending on circumstances.
7.      I understand that if I do not adhere to the goals set by my coach or guidance counselor, my enrollment in the program may be in jeopardy.
8.      I understand and agree to follow the Dayton Public School’s Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy
All of the information I have provided in the enrollment forms or otherwise is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                                                                                 Date


Signature of Student                                                                                                                                                                  Date


Signature of School Representative                                                                                                                                        Date

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