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Dayton Public School District Restarts Student Senate

Adrianna DaviesNews

The Dayton Public School District has restarted the Student Senate, a group of student representatives from each high school who will meet once a month throughout the 2023-2024 school year.

Tommy Nichols, a 12th grade student at Meadowdale CTC will serve as President, and Aneya Ward, a 12th grade student at Thurgood Marshall STEAM High school, will serve as Vice President. Nichols and Ward were elected by their peers on Student Senate.

“My goal is to try to help everyone with the issues currently going on in our communities,” said Nichols. “I would like to particularly focus on improving transportation for high school students.”

As president, Nichols will sit on the dais with the Board of Education and provide regular updates to the Board and community. Ward will serve as an alternate.

Student Senate meetings focus on career development through a partnership with Premier Health. This year’s theme is “Diversity and Equity.” At each meeting, students will hear from a professional at Premier Health and have the opportunity to ask questions about their role in the organization.

Ward shared that she enjoys being a part of Student Senate because of the conversations the students are having and the professionals they have been able to meet so far.

“I’m really excited for Student Senate this year because I really want to make a change and impact in my community,” she said. “I also want to see more young people putting in the effort to be more involved.”

The first Student Senate update will take place at the November Board of Education meeting.

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