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DPS Bus Rules

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The Dayton Public School District is excited to begin another school year! 

Each year, the district safely transports thousands of students to and from school. New and returning bus riders should be aware of the following important safety precautions and rules for riding DPS buses. 

  1. Students should get to their bus stop at least 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  2. Students should wait for the bus in a safe location away from traffic.
  3. Good behavior is expected at the bus stop. Any inappropriate or threatening behavior will not be tolerated.
  4. When entering the bus, students should go directly to an available or assigned seat to allow the bus to safely resume motion.
  5. While riding the bus, students must remain seated and keep the aisles and exits clear.
  6. Students should conduct themselves just as they would in a classroom, which includes listening to the driver and following any instructions. 
  7. Students may not use foul language while riding a bus.
  8. Students must refrain from eating and drinking on the bus, except as required for medical reasons.
  9. No tobacco products or smoking devices may be used on the bus; this includes vaping.
  10. No alcohol or drugs may be in a student’s possession while riding the bus. This does not include a student’s prescription medications. 
  11. Students may not throw or pass objects on the bus, from the bus, or into the bus.
  12. Students may only carry objects onto the bus that can be held in their laps.
  13. Students should not put their head or arms out of the bus windows at any time. 
  14. Students may only leave or board the bus at their assigned location. The only exception is if the student has parental and administrative permission to do otherwise. 
  15. The parents of students in preschool and kindergarten, and certain special education students, must be at the bus stop. 
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