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Our Elementary & Secondary Principals | National Principals’ Month

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To celebrate National Principals’ Month, we will be highlighting the district’s outstanding elementary and secondary principals.
Chief Wyetta Hayden provided information about the experience and expertise of elementary principals.
“The 2021-2022 Dayton Public Schools Elementary Principal Team is made up of 16 building principals that represent over 123 years of administrative leadership in this district. The elementary principals have been maintained in their current role for an average of four years.
The experiences and expertise of the Elementary Team include:
  • Central Office roles in Curriculum, Human Resources and Accountability & Assessment, Diversity & Inclusion
  • University and adjunct professors
  • Teacher leaders, Gifted Teachers and Title Teachers
  • Bright Scholar
  • Literacy & Math Coaches
  • Intervention Specialist
  • and teaching experience from PreK-12th grade
Each one of the elementary principals exhibits passion, purpose and dedication to the work and what they envision their schools should be. Their strength lies in their ability and eagerness to work together as a TEAM. Their collaborative efforts have paved the way to ensure the needs of the whole child are addressed and that our students are safe and successful. They have focused on the fact that they are the number one determinant as to the success of their school. This extraordinary team celebrates and supports each other — a true championship team.
As a TEAM they have a singular focus — to make sure the students of DPS win BIG!”
-Wyetta Hayden, Chief of Elementary Schools
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