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Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in College Credit Plus

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DPS high school students have the opportunity to enroll in College Credit Plus courses. These courses prepare students for college and career, and provide many additional benefits. Here are the top 10 reasons to enroll in College Credit Plus today!

  1. CCP courses jumpstart a student’s college education 

College Credit Plus allows students to earn college and high school credits simultaneously. In place of regular high school courses, students can take college courses in their place and earn credit for both. This is also a good way to allow students to experience the rigor of college courses and understand how they will differ from high school classes. The college credits earned through CCP can be transferred to any public Ohio college or university. Many private institutions and out-of-state institutions will also accept CCP credits on a case-by-case basis. 

  1. CCP is FREE and available to 9th-12th grade students at DPS

There is no cost for students to enroll in and take College Credit Plus courses. DPS students can take CCP courses in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade. 

  1. CCP will allow students to graduate from college in less time

College Credit Plus allows students to earn a college degree in less time because they start college with credits already completed. Depending on the number of credits completed in high school, students might not need to take certain classes or might even graduate a semester, year, or more early. 

  1. CCP will allow students to save money in college

When a student begins college after taking CCP courses, they will not need to pay to take the classes they already earned credits for. The total cost savings varies based on each school’s course fees, but students will likely save hundreds to thousands of dollars per course. 

  1. CCP prepares students for success after high school

College Credit Plus truly prepares students for both college and career. CCP courses broaden and deepen the knowledge base of students. Whether a student plans to enroll in college or not, taking college-level courses prepares students for their futures and any additional post-secondary education or training they may pursue. If at some point in the future, a student decides to attend college, CCP courses will still count toward their required college credits. 

  1. Motivated students can earn an Associate Degree while in high school

At DPS, dedicated students have the ability to earn an Associate Degree at the same time as their high school diploma if they take enough CCP courses. When students graduate with a college degree, they are well prepared for their futures. With an Associate Degree, students can enter careers or continue their education and work toward earning a Bachelor’s Degree. 

  1. CCP courses are available through many Ohio Public Colleges and Universities

DPS partners with Sinclair Community College to provide CCP courses for students. However, CCP is available through other Ohio Public Colleges and Universities if a student chooses to enroll there. Keep in mind that credits earned through CCP can be transferred to any Ohio public school after graduation. 

  1. CCP courses offer flexibility

College Credit Plus courses can be taken at high schools, on Sinclair’s Campus, or online. This allows students to complete the courses in the way that works best for them.

  1. DPS provides support to students participating in CCP courses

DPS students enrolled in College Credit Plus have the support of guidance counselors and CCP instructors who actually teach in their high school. This extra layer of support can help guide students on selecting courses, completing courses, and staying on track. In addition, students who take courses at their high school have the ability to work with their peers in a supportive, engaging environment. 

  1. Enrolling in CCP is easy!

The first step toward taking College Credit Plus courses is speaking with a guidance counselor. To enroll for the next school year, students must complete the Intent Form by April 1st. This form is available through guidance counselors, CCP information sessions, the DPS website, and the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s website. After the form is returned, students can enroll at Sinclair and complete the college readiness assessment. 

For more information about College Credit Plus and its many benefits, please visit,, or speak to a DPS guidance counselor. 

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