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Welcome to the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year! Although we are still amidst unprecedented times, we still rise. This morning our staff, teachers, and administrators greet 75% of our student body as they walk through the school buildings to learn in-person, full time for the first time in nearly a year.

Below is some information we hope will help as we transition into this new phase of learning.

Important Information

Instruction Preference Switch

The Instruction Preference Survey is closed. If no selection was made, the District assumes your student is returning for in-person instruction. Families have the option to make one switch throughout the rest of the school year. Please contact your school directly to make this switch.

If you switch from remote learning to in-person learning, it will take 3 days to fully integrate the student into the classroom and school building. For three days after informing the school of your change, your student must continue to log in for their online classes or they will be counted absent.

Remote Learning

  • Although you are staying home to learn remotely, you are still a part of the DPS student body!
  • All information regarding these two programs as well as log-in information can be found on DPSRestart.com

SchoolsPLP (K-8)

APEX (9-12)

Health and Safety

We will have many health and safety protocols in place to ensure that your students feel comfortable. After months of online instruction, students are now safely back in the classroom, and staff who opted to receive the COVID-19 vaccine have received both doses.

However, it is important that all staff and students continue to follow the COVID-19 preventative measures that have been in place throughout the pandemic. By continuing to diligently follow these protocols, we will help prevent COVID cases and the need to quarantine.

Please remember that the district is following all guidelines from state and local health authorities, which includes mask-wearing and placing student desks three feet apart whenever possible.

Schools are rarely a source of COVID-19 spread because these safety measures are consistently in place. When schools do have cases of COVID-19, it is most often because someone was exposed in the community or within their own household, not from being in school.

If you have questions about the district’s COVID-19 procedures, please visit the COVID-19 resources tab on the DPS Intranet. Information about the COVID-19 cases in DPS buildings will continue to be updated weekly on the school’s COVID-19 dashboard, which can be found here.

There are many myths surrounding COVID-19 and the District’s decision to reopen schools for in-person instruction. We invite you to get the facts, which we will update regularly as we catch the spread of misinformation.

National, state and local health authorities continue to provide evidence that schools are rarely a source of virus spread and the benefits of in-person instruction outweigh the risks. In addition to District-wide measures, each school will also have its own individual safety and health plans in place.

You may also view our Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 Safety.


If you were not contacted regarding your student’s bus information, please call our Transportation Department at 937-542-4010. High school students may contact their principals regarding RTA bus passes.

Student Meals

Meal delivery will no longer take place after March 1 as the District will no longer have the capacity to deliver meals while students return in-person. Families may receive food assistance through The Foodbank (937) 461-0265, United Way (937) 225-3001, or find a local food charity at https://map.tacklehunger.org/

Department Information

  • Questions about your student’s IEP? Contact the Office for Exceptional Children.
  • Concerns about Student Health or need more information about the Health Center? Visit our Health Services page or contact your school’s nurse.
  • Questions about your athlete? Contact our Athletics Department.
  • Interested in Career Tech? Applications are open!

Technology Help

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