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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students have to go to David H. Ponitz Career Technology Center to enroll in a career tech class?
No. Ponitz has the most Career Tech choices, but every Dayton high school has multiple Career Tech offerings.

Can career tech students go to college?
Yes, there are many 2-year and 4-year college opportunities for career tech students. Sinclair Community College allows students to continue building technical skills, and many Career Tech students choose to start college there. Students who want a four-year degree can take advantage of Sinclair’s connections with universities or go directly to a university from high school.

What about early college credit?
There are many opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school. Like other DPS students, Career Tech students may enroll in College Credit Plus. Students also have the opportunity to earn credit at Sinclair Community College as a part of Career Tech high school classes.

I heard about a $3000 scholarship to Sinclair for Career Tech students. True?
Yes! A $3000 scholarship to Sinclair is available to successful Tech Prep graduates through the Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium. Read all the details here:

How could a student get involved in Career Tech classes?
There are several paths to Career Tech. Students and parents should contact their high school counselor to learn more.